Tuesday, October 2, 2018

collected writings from hidden experience (an idea for a book)

rough cover idea 
In March of 2019 this blog will be ten years old. A lot has changed in my life in the last decade, and this blog has been a dairy of that journey.

I am considering doing a book with a collection of some of these posts. This is just an idea at this point. The blog has gotten so big that it’s become a hassle to try and dig through and find anything. I've been reviewing the site, starting at the beginning. There are well over 800 posts on this site and most of them wouldn’t be appropriate in a book format, but there are some remarkable entries here.

The content is all available online, so the ebook would need to be priced low. I doubt there would be a print book, but if there were it would be print-on-demand and would need to be priced like a tradition book.

     A few question for my readers:
     1. Would you be interested in a book like this?
     2. What posts here have you found to be especially interesting?


Ellen said...

I got attracted to your blog after reading your post about your Neutrogena sunscreen synchronicity experience. Something about cleaning a roadway of debris. Amazing story. I Love synchronicity stories and that is one of the best.

Mike Clelland! said...

I have begun a list of stories to include, and the Neutrogena sunscreen synchronicity experience is on that list. It is remarkable how many powerful accounts were posted on the first few days of the blog.

Red Pill Junkie said...

It's definitely a good idea, Mike.

Jonathan Bradshaw said...

Definitely. Lots of great posts on your blog, would be very interested in an anthology of some kind, maybe sorted thematically. :)

Unknown said...

Sir I have only recently discovered your yt videos, found hidden experience blog and have no idea where to start. Book format would be of great help

Olivia Carney said...

1. Yes, I'm definitely interested in a book like this. I've got both other Owl books plus the audio book, so this would be a great add to the collection.
2. Posts I really appreciate are ones that you share from your own experience or others where non-real owls take on a symbolic meaning in an everyday occurrence. I haven't experienced any encounters yet with real owls, but I have plenty of times throughout the week when I'll think something interesting or significant while out and about, and then look up and see someone wearing a t-shirt with an owl. Posts where people encounter owls symbolically. I hope that makes sense...?
-Olivia Carney