Thursday, September 6, 2018

I now need to reply to owl stories with a form letter

When people ask what proof I have that this owl stuff is real, I'll tell them, "Come look at my email inbox."

This blog will soon be ten years old and right from the onset I was asking to hear people’s owl experiences. At first there weren’t too many and I could do a lot of back and forth correspondence. I really valued these exchanges, and it helped me better understand some of the complexities of this owl mystery.

With each passing year I've received more stories. What started as a trickle has become a torrent. I used to be able to give a thorough reply to each person’s story, but now that’s very difficult.

Sadly, I can no longer give the thoughtful response that these experiences deserve. I’ve come to the point where I need to reply with a form letter. That letter will essentially be an apology to the person who had the experience. Many of the people I’ve connected with have had a terribly confusing experience, and at times, I've been able to do more more than just answer their questions, I’ve provided a kind of solace. I feel a kinship to each person who contacts me with their owl story and I take this responsibility very seriously.

This work is important.


Eileen said...

Hi Mike
Your book is very interesting. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher .. watching The Owl Service at the moment Did you know that the 1st episode was transmitted on December 21st 1969..the winter solstice.
Many many synchronicities abound which means the Universe is communicating with us ..and our consciousness with the Universe.
Thank you for your work.

Unknown said...


I just bumped into your work on the internet -

I guess I should read your books to see where you are at in going down "the OWL rabbit hole" in terms of understanding what its deeper meaning is for you.

"Owl as inner guide" comes to mind. Perseus and the Argonauts movie involved an owl which was a guide which eventually led him to slay Medusa and save Andromeda.

At this point I will simply say that listening to nocturnal Wisdom (read: the wisdom of the feminine principle in Carl Jung's psychology) is essential and that implies a need to take time each day to meditate (introvert – go dark) and record what you see on the inner screen and later try to understand the messages hidden in the symbolism that is presented. I am steeped in C.G. Jung's psychology for 40 years so I can probably offer some additional insight to your owl conundrum if you are interested.

I am a member of Grant Cameron's Rabbit Hole meetings and he also is trying to understand the importance of owls in UFO experiences.