Saturday, May 19, 2018

religion, beliefs and UFOs

the convergence of UFOs and religion

New interview with author and theologian Dr. Diana Pasulka. She talks about the research for her upcoming book, American Cosmic. The Youtube video is a very straight and formal discussion by a guy who looks like what an academic should look like!

The other recommended interview is from late last year. Greg Bishop talked with Diana on Radio Mysterioso. This is by far the preferred of the two interview.

  Radio Mysterioso interview linked HERE  

due out in early 2018


John Burke said...

This was an important interview. Thanks, Mike!

I was expecting her book to be released in April and now I know why it was not. (After getting kicked to December, the anticipated release date is now January 2019.) Rather than a move by the Pentagon or Robert Bigelow to slow-walk the release of information promised in this book, Diana explained how particular sources wanted redactions. An unidentified source from NASA wanted a bit of information removed. Her publisher, Oxford University Press, objected to at least one passage, insisting: “You can’t say that.”
I will need to provide a link to this interview on my own blog. Thanks, again!

C.M. MAYO said...

Dear Mike Clelland, Thank you so much for posting this interview about a book I am very much looking forward to reading. From this interview, and also from the opening pages on the author's website, I can see that this promises to be an unusually important work. Blog on! Kind regards, C.M. Mayo