Friday, December 29, 2017

Diana Walsh-Pasulka talks about American Cosmic

coming in the spring of 2018
Dr. Diana Walsh-Pasulka has just finished what will likely be a groundbreaking book on the UFO subject. American Cosmic, subtitled UFOs, Religion and Technology. It will be released in the spring of 2018.

Greg Bishop did an amazing interview with Diana on Radio Mysterioso, and this is recommended listening.

  Radio Mysterioso interview linked HERE  

American Cosmic tells the story of her journey from religious scholarship to a seat in the forefront of some of the most groundbreaking research and thought in the subject. The book site is linked HERE. And read the full preface HERE.


John Burke said...
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John Burke said...

Important interview!

With all due respect, I would like to repeat that there was a beautiful synchronicity on 12/16, which I pointed out in my second comment to Mike's 12/16 posting (about the NYT article):
. . . and in an appropriate synchronicity, the Foo Fighters appeared on Saturday Night Live, singing “The Sky Is a Neighborhood”

Beats listening to it on that podcast.

Christopher Palbicki said...

Finally, a book that makes (or at least alludes to it in the preface) the link between the spiritual journeys of so many eastern yogis of India (and presumably people who go deep into meditation in general) and celestial encounters beyond the Earth with 'other' beings . . . The only other book that I've ever seen that deals with this connection is called 'Christ Consciousness' by Norman Paulsen. I actually sent Mike an email about this - along with pics from the book - a few years ago but never got a response. Am interested in reading this new book . . . we'll see. :)


Anonymous said...

Actually the woman on the book cover is fully clothed...I know this because I created it...but it says a lot about the interpreter....

John Burke said...

Anonymous –
It sure does! Actually, I did see the little sleeves, although I was hoping those were just angel’s wings ;-)

John Burke said...

NBC has become a problem with the SNL video. So, just watch this: