Monday, February 19, 2018

Both books in the THE MESSENGERS series ranked #1 in Amazon

Both owl books are presently ranked number 1 in Amazon Kindle sales in the category of Unexplained Mysteries. This happened after my appearance last night on Coast to Coast AM. 

My first book, The Messengers was published a bit over two years ago. The companion book, Stories from the Messengers, was published yesterday.

I realize that these books are ranked in categories within categories, but it's still a remarkable feeling after all the hard work. It was a labor of love to get these books completed and I feel honored for all your support. Thank you everyone!

Amazon sales ranking

NOTE: The paperback version of 
Stories from The Messengers due out VERY soon. 
Within hours!


Lucretia Heart said...

Wonderful news!! So happy for you! You've been researching and collecting stories for years and you deserve the success. More than that, though, these are stories that need to be shared.

Chris said...

Purchased. No doubt will read it the minute it arrives.