Thursday, January 11, 2018

coming soon

the follow up book
After over two years of work, the companion to The Messengers is nearing. Just so you all know, I will announce the publication when it happens—and it'll be happening soon!

As it looks now, it should be around 270 pages. There will be 19 chapters, each with a deeply personal story of owls and UFOs. I am excited and proud of every single chapter.

I am eternally grateful to the brave people who’ve let me tell their stories. They’ve entrusted me with something sacred, their life experiences, and I take this responsibility very seriously. This book is a result of their openness, honesty and faith. Without their sincerity, this book would not have been possible.

 audio reading of Chapter 17


Chris said...

Looking forward to it!

Sometime soon (next 3 months) I should be able to share some stuff with you. Very complex but I think you will find it interesting.

Aaron Darnell said...

I've experienced a few times, this 'feeling' the man was talking about about.

Unknown said...

I'm so excited to read this! I spent all last summer reading and obsessing over The Messengers, and just this last weekend, gifted the book to a close friend. Best of luck on the release!
Olivia Carney, Cornelius, NC

Mike Clelland! said...
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Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Hey Mike, I've been reading Mark Frost's book 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks', which was published in 2016 and he mentions owls that are bigger than humans walking around after UFO sightings and abductions/lost time memory, plus he also mentions owls as screen memories.
I can't help but think Mark has been reading your blog, book or both.
You should check it out for yourself and wonder like I did if Mark came to write all that owl stuff on his own-some, or if he himself had a 'Hidden Experience' in more ways than one;-)