Sunday, December 17, 2017

Peter Levenda declares Disclosure

Tom Delonge, Peter Levenda, John Podesta and two unknown men to the right. 
I think this photo was taken during a video shoot for a documentary project.

The text below is from author Peter Levenda. It was posted on Facebook early in the morning on December 17 2017. He is referencing the recent articles in mainstream press about UFOs (see HERE)

I am not as optimistic as Peter is in his statement. I am certain there is a hidden agenda behind these new admissions. I'm feeling cynical about all this, and I ain't gettin' my party hat on for the dawning of a new age—not quite yet.

Peter has worked with Tom Delonge in his recent publishing efforts.

From Peter Levenda:

By now most of you will have learned about the articles that have been appearing in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico, USA Today, and elsewhere in the US mainstream press as well as the world’s press that the Pentagon has released film footage of UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) otherwise known as UFOs. This was done exclusively through To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSAAS), the project started by Tom DeLonge and with which I have been involved – via Sekret Machines – since 2015.

The revelations that the Department of Defense had a project, funded by a black budget, to investigate UFOs during the period 2007-2012 will surely come as a surprise to some critics who believed that all that was over with Project Blue Book’s termination in 1970. It will not come as a shock to many who believed this was happening all along, of course. What is surprising, however, is that this is confirmation of what had only been suspected. We no longer have to speculate about black budgets funding UFO research: it has been confirmed. We no longer have to speculate about top secret film footage of UFOs taken by the military (and in recent years, no less): this, too, has been confirmed. Even further, we no longer have to speculate that elements of the US Government have been aware of this for years.

If you were waiting for Disclosure, guess what: it happened.

Your next question may be: why all the secrecy up to now? The US Senator who jump-started this particular project, Harry Reid, made it clear: it was a question of national security. We’ve known that all along, but until now no one in a position of authority has come out to tell us that so bluntly. (At least, not outside of Hollywood movies.)

But it seems to me the Pentagon project could only go so far in answering all of our many questions about UFOs. I believe what is required now is a more concerted effort by individuals from all branches of learning: in both the “hard” and the “soft” sciences, to be sure, but also in terms of the arts, for the imaginative “thinking outside the box” quality that artists, musicians, and writers bring to the table. (Think of Arthur C. Clarke and Philip K. Dick, for example.) For this effort to succeed, we need participation by everyone: every field of human endeavor, every race, every ethnicity, every religion (agnostics and atheists as well), every gender, every age, every political persuasion. No one has a monopoly on truth; everyone has a piece of the puzzle. We are all blind men with the UFO elephant in the room, and we can only know this particular elephant by pooling all of our impressions, all of our resources.

So, what do we know?

The US government has been studying the Phenomenon in secret for years. It was funded by a black budget. It was a project of which most people in the Pentagon were not aware, it was that secret. And, as Harry Reid stated, it was about science as well as national security. So who do we have working with us in Tom’s project so far? Scientists and national security experts.

We know that – however it happened, whatever machinations behind the scenes took place to make sure it happened – this is government disclosure. It may not be full disclosure, but as we used to say in Latin class: ovum ruptum est. The egg is broken. There’s no going back.

Congratulations! Just think: You were alive to see it happen. It’s a bittersweet achievement, however, when I think of all those who believed but who are no longer around to share the experience with us. I am thinking especially right now of Jim Marrs, who would have loved to have been here for this. This Negra Modelo is for you, Jim! Salud!

Watch this space.
(pun intended)


John Burke said...

I suspect that Peter Levenda might be overstating the role of Tom DeLonge in this effort because Levenda is a co-author with DeLonge on the next Sekret Machines book. If this were really "Tom's project" why was it that DeLonge's name NEVER APPEARED in either of the two New York Times articles of Dec. 16? It seems as though DeLonge's involvement is to facilitate specific public relations goals of the "major players" directing these events.

Tom Mellett said...


I share your cynicism. One path to take is “Follow the money!” Jason Colavito posted recently about the curious financial connection and tiime lines involving DeLonge, Elizondo Bigelow and Jacques Valley among others, including George Knapp and Peter Levenda,

Tom Mellett
Los Angeles, CA