Saturday, October 20, 2018

Video of owls and UFO contact from Eureka Springs Arkansas

Standing on stage talking about my personal experiences and research

I spoke at the 30th Anniversary of the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference in April of 2017 in Eureka Springs Arkansas. I am deeply honored to have been a part of this wonderful event.

My presentation was recorded and put up on YouTube in June of this year. As of this posting, this video has had 183,757 views. This is remarkable! 

I've felt the influence of this video. Over the last few months I've received a LOT of emails that begin like this: "I just watched your presentation on owls and UFOs at the Ozark Conference and I need to tell you my story..."

I have been flooded with a wealth of amazing stories that all trace back to this video. The production team at the conference did an excellent job of capturing my talk. Thank you Adnan!

Adnan is the man behind an amazing set of videos found at UFO HUB. These are very thoughtful and grounded interviews. No sound bites, nothing sensationalistic. Just people talking calmly about their experiences and research without any pressure to make it seem zippy and fast paced.
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Text added Dec 25 2018:
The video has over a quarter of a million views!

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You are a gifted and natural story teller