Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I'm stayin' out of this one...

The word UFO is never mentioned in a sizzle reel about UFOs

Pop music celebrity Tom DeLonge stood on stage this morning and made a big announcement. Behind him were five gray haired men who've all held positions in the government, military, CIA and aerospace industry. All people who can keep a secret and have most probably sewn the seeds of disinformation. It was a big talk about UFOs where the words "abduction" and "experiencer" were never uttered.

Leslie Kean wrote about today's event in the Huffington Post. She's not one to exaggerate, so read that and ignore me. Robbie Graham will write about this too, read what he says. I suspect he'll be a bit more bold than Leslie.

I'm stayin' out of this one. Here's my only comment: I don't expect much and I sense that any information emerging from all this will be managed for some deeper agenda.

The end.



Unknown said...

"Lockheed Martin Program Director for Advanced Systems at “Skunk Works”," ?? Isn't that a bong shoppe?
“One pilot pursues the craft while his wingman stays high" well there ya go.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Erica Lukes mentioned something very poignant on Fb: That at no point in the presentation Tom and his thinktank ever mentioned the possibility of trying to get in contact with the intelligence(s) in control of the (alleged) technology they intend to replicate.

Neither did Leslie, as it is her custom. It's just a matter of focusing on the flashy hardware, just like Nuts & Bolters like it! :-/

John Burke said...

The “cha-CHING” information appears in the TTS offering circular, beginning at page 14:

$50 Million Raise
The net proceeds of a fully subscribed offering to the issuer, after total offering expenses, will be approximately $43.5 million. TTS AAS plans to use these proceeds as follows:

Approximately $12 million on operating expenses, which includes employee salaries in the amount of $7.5 million through 2019. We intend that, of the total employee compensation, $3 million will go towards compensation of executive –level employees and $3.5 million on employees with advanced science, Department of Defense or similar experience. The remaining approximately $4.5 million in operating expenses will go towards infrastructure, logistics solutions, office rent, warehousing and shipping expenses.

Approximately $3.5 million towards the purchase of larger office premises, research facilities and warehousing.

Approximately $1.75 million towards durable inventory, which includes records, books, comic books, apparel and accessories sufficient to support growth for media sales internationally.

Approximately $2.5 million on sales and marketing expenses through 2018, including engagement of a specialized creative marketing agency and a full-time PR firm on retainer for both product releases and corporate communications.

Approximately $16.1 million towards acquisitions or strategic partnerships in the Aerospace and Science Divisions.

Approximately $4 million towards self-produced cinematic projects of either existing or newly created original brands.

Approximately $2.5 million to support initiatives related to the company’s public benefit purpose – science and art education, research to benefit the public, citizen science, and support for veterans.

Approximately $500,000 to set up and initially fund a non-profit organization to further support the company’s research initiatives.

Approximately $600,000 to repay a loan from Our Two Dogs, Inc.

* * *
The company reserves the right to change the above use of proceeds if management believes it is in the best interests of the company.

Lorin Cutts said...

And John.. all of those figures are child's-play compared to real Aerospace Industry R & D programs. Why do they need DeLonge again? Oh that's right!

Disclosure is the new disinformation.

John Burke said...

More of what Lorin Cutts was discussing about the financing of the company can be found here:

The statement below, from Defense Department insider Chris Mellon, seemed like a revealing admission:

“The ‘arts’ aspect of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science is a focus on science fiction. Mellon explained that we understand the world through both rational inquiry and through stories. He compared this dynamic to the right and left hemispheres of the brain working in concert. The Academy helps produce science fiction concepts for entertainment.”

Anonymous said...

TTSAA looks disappointing. This appears to be more exploitive than helpful. Even though I'm familiar with the legitimacy in their respective fields of some on this panel, I expect nothing at all revelatory to come of this for someone like myself. Seems like yet another PR vehicle that will enhance careers, salaries and profiles while muddying the waters further without ever addressing the part and parcel complexities. Will not be a substitute for confidential one on one conversation, continued diligent research or blogs put forth in earnest such as this.

Uriah said...

This is the same guy who's band is a rip off of Alvin and the Chipmunks? At least it makes sense now why his three chord garbage was plastered all over the radio and MTV 24/7 ...but who am I to be critical (WSB)

Uriah said...

What about Nick Redfern? He's into real punk rock these guys are probably his favorite band or at least in his regular playlist rotation? The mods, punks, and heavy metal guys are probably all fighting over Delonge trying to claim him as their own and a spokes model for their generation. This guy is the Jim Morison of the late 90's give him some respect...

I hope they get this is all jokes, no self disrespecting punk would ever listen to lowly pop blink 182. It's like watching Robocop on ABC all trim no whim. I work for (R)ick Jones mather froger. Then again these guys had major influence on pop culture before them only dirt heads, slammers(prisoners), bikers, and the Navy had Tattoos. Now everyone's a hard head. Tattoo a tear drop for me...I'm so sad

John Burke said...

Funding Update:
As of this moment, TTS has raised over $1.75 million. I suggest that the contributor who pushes this enterprise past the $2 million mark should get a prize -- extra shares, free options or lunch with Val Thor.

Zante Koi Zeke Tris said...

Tom rhymes with something maybe its a collier type of hyperventilation.

John Burke said...

Grant Cameron has been characterized as a promoter of the DeLonge agenda and as a cheerleader for the government’s “disclosure” games. However, in the interview at the link below, he criticizes DeLonge. Cameron seems to suggest that the military is managing the disclosure subject with the goal of advancing some sort of false flag program – perhaps to develop a weapons platform for fighting evil aliens. On the other hand, Cameron discusses the claim that Ron Pandolfi’s wife is supposedly an alien. Although Cameron includes the quip, “but it’s all science fiction”, he doesn’t clarify what he is referencing.

John Burke said...

At the link below, Grant Cameron interviews Dan Smith (a gentleman with a background in physics, who acts as an intermediary for those wishing to communicate with Ron Pandolfi). The interview focuses on Pandolfi’s reaction to DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy promotion. Pandolfi described it as “misinformation rather than disinformation” and Ron had some unkind words about Hal Puthoff. Although Pandolfi insisted that Jim Semivan did not really exist, Grant Cameron explained (in the show notes) that Jim Semivan is a pseudonym for an actual CIA agent who certainly exists. According to Dan Smith, Pandolfi suggests that we should pay close attention for any disclosures from physicist Kip Thorne, which might relate to the subject of portals.

Tom Mellett said...

Jason Colavito follows the money down the rabbit hole of To the Stars