Monday, August 7, 2017

Brendan Ring and owls

author and mystic, Brendan Ring

The Messengers features several powerful owl accounts from Brendan Ring. He was immersed in his Shamanic apprenticeship and practice while I was working on my book, and he was generous with his experiences. He has recently published his own book titled A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening.

Brendan is an Irish musician, visionary and mystic. I have not read the book in its entirety, but merely skimmed around. It is a delight to get a more Celtic set of insights as Brendan describes his journey. I can relate to his voice.

Here is a passage from the book that cleanly sums up the owl and UFO connection. That this account comes from a shamanic practitioner makes it all the more resonant—at least to me.
One night I dreamed I was standing with a white owl, high on a hill, overlooking a valley. Shortly after this, a tawny owl and a barn owl came together in a dream, the barn owl nuzzled my hand. The following night I awoke into a vision of the oak tree that stands in our field. Its leaves and branches were enveloping me, pulling at me urgently. I had the sense it wanted me to go outside, and even though it was about four o’clock in the morning, I pulled myself out of bed and answered the call. Outside, owls were calling, Orion was above me, and to the left, a planet shone as bright as a moon. I had only a few seconds to take in the glory of this, when what I’d thought was a star, flew upwards across the sky with a snake-like movement. I have no doubt that this was a UFO and that the tree had called me out to see it.   
From my own perspective however, it is the shaman and the tree that are intrinsically connected. The shaman is in essence the human embodiment of the tree, the shaman’s connection is very much to the Earth, and although I may look in wonder to the stars, I know that here, is home.
Excerpt from A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening by Brendan Ring. Brendan's site is linked HERE. And here's a link to the book on Amazon.

Brendan's first book, published in 2016
Brendan has been playing music since he was eleven years of age. He learned first from his grand-father and father, who came from Sliabh Luachra, a region of Ireland famous for its traditional music.

Brendan is an All Ireland champion piper and holds a Master Degree in Music from University College Cork. A virtuoso on the Uilleann pipes, he is also one of only a handful of people involved in bringing back to life, the Clairseach (historical Irish harp). He is one of the only musicians in the world (if not the only one) to play both those iconic Irish instruments. His low whistle playing is cited, by many players, as a ground breaking influence.

Brendan playing the harp


uriah said...

This is awesome not only has he brought to light my instinctual feelings but I agree as I have sent information about my own similar experiences. I actual wrote too you that I think trees have something to do with all this? What? I don't know? But I consider plants too be as alive and conscious as I am. Also dreams. We are taught our dreams are meaningless, including the theory your working out your day, I've never had a dream about working out problems from my day. This is why I recommend not letting people interpret your dreams for you. They are special messages designed to speak only to you. Just like when people go to church about their paranormal experiences society only provides disinfo and superstition, new age/demon hunts/demeaning demonization. The same seems true for ufology, dream work, symbolism. It's like your standing in line to get on the biggest most intricate roller coaster in the world and religion has agents plying you with fears through, musicians, billboards, flat screen TV's, politicians, and the bottom of the barrel so called experts, all trying to scare you out of the line. One last thing I want to make the reason I take to Mike clear, before I had ever listened to him my experiences went right over my head. No he hasn't made sense of it for me, what I mean is the things I have seen, flew literally right over my head making me look up owls and orbs. Now if I never found H.E. I might not have thought about that the same way or at all. So when I heard him talking about things flying right over, there was no mistaken that I was in good company. "Signals"

uriah said...

One last thing especially since he is Irish I really would love to hear his take on the demonization of the Irish people by the Christian church. Here in America we have many examples like when I went on diversion/teen probation and had to answer family history when it got to my grandmother who had a genetically transmitted disease the lady sneered and spit like a serpent hissing "alcoholic". My grandmother never drank the lady still marked it down. Here is one of my favorite examples...Go find on ITunes the old time radio program called "The Boogeyman" In the same sentence it damns the Irish to "woo" and racist kook it states that Tibetan monks kill people with evil powers. It's kind of messed up how the paranormal embraces this racism and holds it up like a banner. All cultures have legends, myths, and super natural stories. But only those who fight Christ are given damning qualities likened to league with the devil. I would like to know how a Irish person feels about this from Ireland. You will notice all the groups Christians say are connected, what they mean is with demons, are groups they couldn't turn. As an Irish (part, big part) person I find how we are viewed by our society repulsive and for instance I don't celebrate saint patricks day? Why I am a Kirkpatrik and Magaw (Scott and Irish), and when I look up my clan histories guess what there is none. It begins and ends with the church even though we were supposed to be/told we were Pagans that history is gone/most likely horse crap and been replaced by a Christian BS story.

uriah said...

People may not know this but the tree/as above so below, is the same exact symbol as Mithra(man on bull) and the freemasonic square and compass. With the as above so below you have the ground which you grow your roots in that will determine what grows, and the stem/tree is the compass/crags what you become. Just as the next level of this is the birds. So once you've gone as far as a tree can grow the birds become the next level of symbolism to reach an even higher state. this is symbolized in symbolism as a goat looking up and a goat looking down. You either reach the heights and fall or you keep looking for more. You also see this in the native American zodiac which has a wolf at the top looking up. but the native American Zodiac is missing a lot of the symbolism, but interestingly the owl is in the place of the snake. Signals?