Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Owl on the roof

This is an excerpt from page 211 of my book The Messengers. It features an account from Jujuolui Kuita, who shared her owl and hawk experience in this posting HERE.

Like that other account, this one also has 
a great horned owl photographed by Jujuolui.

I’ve talked with a woman named Jujuolui at several different UFO conferences over the years, and she is very open about her contact experiences. She also tells of having a lot of owl encounters and feels certain these are part of her interactions with the gray aliens and their craft. Some of these owls seem like screen memories, where they take on some of the visual characteristics of the grays.

Jujuolui told me how she awoke one night to the sounds of a hooting owl. Waking up in the middle of night is unusual for her, unless there is some contact event unfolding. Her thought was that this wasn’t an owl, but instead an alien being on her roof making this hooting noise.

She was compelled to get out of bed, go outside and take a picture of what she assumed was a gray alien. She told me, “If it were a normal owl, I would not have done this, I would have ignored it and kept sleeping!”

Jujuolui and she clearly felt she was being told to point and click her camera in the direction of the house. It was pitch black outside and she took a picture with the bright flash. When she looked at the image on the back of her digital camera, there was a big owl perched on the corner of the roof. She was told to take another picture, and she thought, “Surely if this was an owl it wouldn’t stay so close to me for another picture, especially after the first flash of the camera! I took a picture again, sure enough, there it was!” That owl on the roof was positioned directly above her bed.

The photo is obviously of a real owl, but I cannot dismiss her feelings of being compelled to go out into the night with her camera. Was this feeling somehow projected into her from an outside source? If so, what would be the purpose? She left her house thinking she was going to take a picture of an alien being, but instead got a picture of an owl. She told me the house was the site of a tremendous amount of experiences, mostly with the gray beings. She says they are like a second family to her.

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