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owl and hawk in Phoenix

1.“Something doesn't look right here! 
Wait, there are more than two wings here!!! That looks like a red tail!??”

This was the first image (above) in a series of photos posted by Jujuolui Kuita on her Facebook wall. She's an emergency animal tech, and was called out to a location in suburban Phoenix because of an "injured owl." When she arrived on the scene there was something up in a tree, but it was initially hard to make out what it might be.

2. An owl face in among the wings

Eventually she saw the face of a great horned owl peering out from a tangle of wings. She was unclear of what she was seeing—there was more than just an owl stuck up in that tree. Jujuolui went and got a ladder from the truck.

3. "Just set the ladder, 
suddenly, the red-tailed hawk came falling down!"

The motion of the ladder bumping the tree must have startled the owl enough to free itself from the dead hawk that had been stuck on top of it.

4. The dead hawk now on the ground.

5. Without the weight of the hawk on him, 
the owl was able to get free and fly away—seeking safety in this tree.
6. Jujuolui holding the dead hawk

She was terribly saddened that this big beautiful hawk had died. What made this even more upsetting was that there was another hawk perched high in a nearby tree. This second hawk seemed distressed, and was watching what was happening below. They realized this was probably the female mate to the dead male hawk on the ground.

7.  Female red-tailed way up at the top in a nearby tree, 
with her mate on the ground below her. 
8. Jujuoli labeled this photo: "Sorry for your loss."

Jujuolui contacted Wild at Heart, an Arizona-based raptor rescue center, and they suggested that she leave the body of the hawk under the tree so the female could realize he had died and begin the grieving process. She labeled the photo: "Sorry for your loss."

Jujuolui told me she cried at the base of that tree, "It was really sad. I felt the intense pain of the female hawk."

*     *     *

Something happened in that tree. There had been a battle between an owl and a hawk, but why they fought no one will ever know. Perhaps one bird had had gotten into the other’s territory. Maybe the owl was attempting to take over the nest of the hawk. 

Why were they stuck together? It seems that the weight of the dead hawk had pinned the owl into the branches. Could the fight have left the owl injured? Or, maybe it was left too exhausted to free itself from the hawk it had killed. Perhaps their talons ended up locked together. Whatever the cause, Jujuolui was allowed an interesting and rare glimpse into animal behavior. 

But what is even more fascinating is that Jujuolui is a lifelong experiencer of UFO contact, and a few of these events involved owls. There is a powerful symbolic aspect not only to what happened with the owl and hawk, but that someone with UFO experiences would be “called” to that tree. 

She was well aware of the significance and said so in the comment thread below her own photos. She wrote: “I felt there was some omen to this… I felt like just a spectator,” and, “I think there is much symbolism to this event!”

Jujuolui confronted two raptors, both imbued with ancient lore, one a symbol of the night and the other the day. One represents death, the other the power of life. The owl is an inward totem, representing the secrets of the unseen worlds. The hawk is a bold emblem of strength and courage. The owl was victorious, yet pinned down by the weight of the defeated. And it was a UFO experiencer, someone who has crossed the boundaries between the worlds that freed it from burden of it’s shadow spirit. She used a ladder to free the owl, and in dream symbolism the ladder could mean spiritual ascension or climbing to higher level of self discovery. 

Another thing that struck me was this happened in Phoenix, a city named after the mythic bird, the symbol of death in flames and rebirth from the ashes. When I pointed this out to her she said, “I know, how fascinating! I was told in a 'dream' that I was to move to this city. It was after everything I owned burned up!”

I contacted her and asked some questions, the first being the same I would ask anyone: “What is going on in your life during the lead up to this event?”

She replied that her life at the time had been extremely difficult, she had been feeling hopeless and depressed. I had initially edited these personal details out of the first draft, but she said, “I don't mind you sharing that. It is true and it might give hope to others who are in need of looking inward for strength and guidance.”

Her dog Katrina had died recently, and she was grieving over the loss of her best friend and companion. Jujuolui is extremely empathic, and the animal rescue work can be emotionally challenging. One of the patterns I have seen in this research is that people who have had these contact experiences will often be working with animals. That and a profound sense of empathy. 

The night before the owl and hawk event she had asked for help. Just before going to bed she sought guidance from her star-family (including her dog Katian) on three problems . She said, “My dream that [next] morning was my guides telling me they solved two out of the three problems/issues I have asked help on! I don't know which issues they were! Ha!”

I explained that it felt like something symbolic that might only be understood at the unconscious level of the archetype. She replied, “I knew it meant something and I felt honored to be a part of this event. It was very sad.”

She was clear that what happened was definitely a “pay attention” moment.

Jujuolui has been outspoken her experiences, and is the subject of full chapter in the recent book Meet the Hybrids by Barbara Lamb and Miguel Mendonça. She also published her own book in 2012 We Are Among You Already

One of her owl stories was featured on page 211 in my book The Messengers. Like the owl and the hawk account here, this one also features her photograph of a great horned owl. Jujuolui's excerpt is posted HERE.
photo by Jujuolui Kuita

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Delorus said...

Hi Mike, thanks for all your years of sharing and helping others to make shape if not sense of their experiences too. This was a beautiful mystifying encounter. I wonder how it will come to be that her message b ecomes apparent in her own life? I hope she will share that as well. I have a feeling this story will resonate at some deep level with many. It did with me.