Sunday, April 3, 2016

FREE website now online

an organization dedicated to the study of UFO contact experiences
The foundation started by Rey Hernandez and Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell finally has its website online. FREE is an acronym for Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. Lots to dig through here. They have been working on a series of experiencer surveys for over a year, and the results are fascinating. This is a good place to start.

  Experiencer Survey results linked HERE  


John Burke said...

Another synchronicity. I just posted an article about Edgar Mitchell on my own blog last week. Although it seemed a bit late for a memorial piece, I was waiting to see if any snickering started after the publicity about Mitchell’s interest in UFOs. I couldn’t find any. The only bit I found was the obligatory Elvis joke in the piece linked below, although it ended on the somber note that if the human race had UFO technology we would probably use it to destroy ourselves:

The website is great. With all of the stuff on the Interweb these days, it’s surprising that nothing like this has ever been done before. UFOCAT was the only similar effort. I want to take a closer look to see if they surveyed for cases where the entities claimed to be from a particular planet. star, or civilization. The bits I read on Amazon from Barbara Lamb’s Hybrids book turned me off with the number of people claiming to have specific information about particular civilizations and hybridizations thereof.

John Burke said...

Following up on my last comment, I learned that the Phase 2 Survey, questions 202 & 203 addressed the issues I mentioned.

Question 202 (page 17 of 54): “Did the ETs tell you about where they are from?” 64.85% of those surveyed answered and the others skipped it. (Did that mean “no”? Hmmm ...) Of those who replied, 72.28% said “no” and 27.72% said “yes.”

Question 203 (page 18 of 54): “Did the ETs tell you they were from a particular star system and if so, from where?” Only 23.56% of those surveyed answered and the others skipped it. Of those who replied, 2.75% responded with Andromeda. (Interesting that as an entire galaxy, it scored lower than the stars mentioned.) Arcturus got 6.19% to the delight of Bob Girard, no doubt. The Lyra constellation got 1.03%. The Orion constellation got 5.84%. The ever-popular Pleaides got a whopping 17.18%. (Lotsa Semjase groupies out there!) Sirius grabbed 8.93%. Zeta Reticuli (one or both) got a modest 3.09%. The big winner was “Other (please specify)” with 54.98%.

My next question is: Of that 54.98%, did any particular star, constellation or galaxy specified by the respondents score higher than any of those listed above?

Mike Clelland! said...


You have good questions. You could ask someone at FREE directly. I am certain someone would address your Queery. I just think it is interesting that their data is showing that the majority of what people are going thru is experienced as something positive. I have sensed that anecdotally, but this is fascinating.

Mike C

John Burke said...

Of the 1,235 people surveyed in Phase 2, only 17.97% (222) responded that the aliens told the respondents about where they were from. (27.72% of the 64.85% of those surveyed who actually answered the question.) I expected a low number because I have seen very little mentioned about the aliens’ identifying their home star.

Other than the star map shown to Betty and Barney Hill, I can only recall one other case where an abductee was told about the aliens’ point of origin. I used to think it was Herb Schirmer who was told they were from Tau Ceti, although the MUFON report discussed the aliens’ having said they were from another galaxy. The Tau Ceti aliens must have abducted another cop in a similar case that I had confused with Shirmer’s.

In Dolores Cannon’s books, the aliens made a point of NOT saying where they were from. In some instances they said they were deliberately keeping it secret because of concern that the Klingon-like Earthlings would invade their planet. As Ben Rich said: “We have the technology to bring E.T. home.” Aliens interpret that as: “President Cruz is going to turn our planet into the next Iraq.”

As for Barbra Lamb’s Hybrids issue, Question 214 asked: “Did these ETs tell you that you are
either an actual ET or part ET?” Of the 63% who did not skip the question, 26.48% (206) responded in the affirmative and 73.52% (572) said “No.” In other words, 16.68% of the total 1,235 Phase 2 participants responded that they were either an actual ET or part ET.

Question 215 asked: “Do you believe that you are an actual ET or a part ET?” Of the 64.29% who did not skip the question, 51.64% (410) responded in the affirmative and 43.36% (384) said “No.” Combining the responses of Question 214 and Question 215 suggests that 204 of the individuals surveyed believe that they are an actual ET or part ET, although they were never told that by the aliens.

Jasun said...

Thanks Mike; curious how this site was offline for a period; I have now updated my post referring to it, here: