Monday, January 25, 2016

Rolling Synchronicity

Just got an email from someone who had SO many sychronicities while reading The Messengers, he had to write a blog post about it! (linked HERE) He even numbered the events. Here is number eight:
On 1-2-2016 I was driving and it was dark out, around 8PM. There were tall trees on both sides of the road. At the top of some trees I see something really strange that gets my attention. There was this lucid transparent image kind of floating. My first reaction was the movie Predator because it looked exactly like this.

I was watching it in disbelief when I notice an owl fly in front of a tall lamp post. It's wings were wide open as it landed on top of the lamp post.


Rolling Synchronicity said...

Thanks Mike. Great book. It has brought a flood of SE's into my life--owls, UFO, but no aliens thus far. However, I've had my fair share of them. It also seems to have brought owl SE's to those around me. This is remarkable.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

I just got your book here in Australia - already 1/3 of the way through it and love it (I knew I would). Am also looking forward to your next.

Just thought I'd tell you a little tale - its not as strange as a lot of things reported here, but I noticed it!

One afternoon a few weeks ago I finally got around to ordering your book online. That evening I had an old friend over to watch a couple of DVDs she hadn't seen. We watched Altered States and The Mothman Prophecies - two of my favourite films (" noticed them, and they noticed that you noticed...").

Afterwards, I saw my friend to my gate, as we walked an owl (a Boobook Owl) swooped low and utterly silently over both of our heads and landed in a branch across the road. There it stayed for several minutes staring at us. I walked right up to to the tree and it didn't seem fazed at all.

This would mean nothing except for the fact that while I hear owls occasionally, I haven't seen an owl in the flesh for over 20 years. On the same day I bought your book.