Monday, August 25, 2014

Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee 105 minutes long presentation

recorded June 28th, 2014 in Leeds UK

This was the second time I gave the talk titled: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee. I spoke at a small conference in Leeds England, hosted by the Exopolitics Great Britain Lecture series. I was given a whopping hour and 45 minutes to talk, and this allowed for fuller exploration of both my my research and personal experiences.

This is a nicely edited video presentation, with cutaways to the visuals. This complex story requires a lot of imagery and this is a wonderful format.

I need to send a huge thank-you to Anthony Beckett for his role as host, and asking me to cross the ocean to share my ideas. I grew a beard so (hopefully) I would appear smarter.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful presentation. You're a natural Mike. I have no idea what you've experienced, but its obvious its something significant and we should pay attention to it.

The book sounds excellent - I'll certainly buy it.


Elvee Kaye said...

How, exactly does one "generate your own synchronicity?" I'd love to be able to do this.

Tim Brosnan said...

Excellent presentation, Mike. Your ability to present such high strangeness with so much credibility is a great gift.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Tim.

Thanks for the kind words. I know you have spent a lot of time on stage, so i am grateful for you compliment!

When I did this (and the other presentations) I walked around in anxious circles mumbling "Heartfelt-Heartfelt-Heartfelt..." before stepping up to the podium.

I didn't want it to be a dry retelling of some UFO reports.

Thanks so much!<
Mike C

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm.. So this is very quite strange for me I'm a 16 year old girl and I have a very big fascination on paranormal things and I'm from Saginaw Michigan and I've never heard of this site or about you and I have a cat named shadow and for some reason I can not explain whether its coincidence or whether its something different but I had this very strange experience or urge like literally something was saying over and over in my mind about look up owls and UFOs so I'm like what this is strange I've never had an urge to look up owls before they creep me out like no I'm not looking that up so I'm like literally fighting this urge and I finally cave and then your blog site pop up and I read two blogs the one on how owls are synchronized and a story upon christina then I see your lecture upon owls and UFOs in Britain and I'm watching it and as I am watching it I start asking myself why did I even look this up you know like I lived in Saginaw Michigan my whole life never seen an owl never seen a UFO now all of a sudden I have this urge to look them both up its quite strange and creepy to me because earlier in the day it was actually the morning around 11 or 12 my cousin came over to praise God and we'r doing that and then I had problems of my own with my boyfriend and I'm just asking god for reassurance and help with my relationship and my mother quotes from hearing a voice telling her cancel out destruction build and restore now before this my boyfriend and I have had a problem where my body have not been in order with mother nature so we were freaking out because of maybe sudden pregnancy and we asked for signs then i took a test and it says no so were both confuse because two test say I'm not so three days later my mom says her quote cancel out destruction build and restore then I hear this voice saying look up owls and UFOs then I see your lecture in Britain over it and your steps the first one your in a weariness asking for help desperate state which I was in then I have this event with my mom quote and this morning as we we're praising God I tell him that I would change because of the blessings I've received then I hear this voice telling me to search this stuff up now I'm not a nature girl and I'm slightly terrified of owls and not in a million years would I search them up and then today I do I can't say that what I've just experience is something extraterrestrial but I do feel in my gut that its something beyond humanity beyond normal and I'm not terrified of it I'm actually quite happy it happened and that there are things in the universe and things beyond that we can't explain we see, hear, and think things that would signify us to others that we are weird, crazy or maybe even psychic but maybe the reason why we hear these things or see these things or think these things is because something is trying to tell us something or is pushing us to do something I've never had this experience before and I think I may be rambling but I just knew I had to say something and I feel like if I let myself to give in to certain things that I can start believing even more I actually want to thank you for making this blog and if you could hope this don't sound strange lol but keep in touch with me at my email and maybe you can help me through other experiences that I've went through and probably didn't see the sign then that I could possibly see now

yrihere said...

So, I was on Youtube searching for the latest UFO videos and I somehow got to your talk you gave in GB last year. I watched the entire thing and could have honestly watched more, you were wonderful! I was intrigued, fascinated, amused and felt a connection somehow to what you are going through with your internal search for meaning, and mine.
Let me just say I am quite fascinated with the whole paranormal thing, especially UFOs, and although I love to hear about other people's experiences, I have no desire to have my own!!! The other thing that drew me in was the subject of owls. I live in the northeast, about halfway betwwen NYC and Albany and I have lived here almost 20 years. I have seen owls infrequently on the side of a road in a tree but have never seen one up close until last spring. For the first time ever, an owl family came to live in my yard for about 6 weeks. They actually had two babies, one of whom I came face to face with when I came running out my front door one day. I felt special to have had this beautiful, soulful creature take up camp in my front yard and thought it must mean something. Now when I Googled the meaning of an owl sighting, I resonated with the one having to do with the updated thinking about an owl representing the death of an old way of life that no longer serves you, and the beginning of a new (paraphrasing here). The owl would sit in the tree for hours sometimes sleeping with one eye open. When she/he was fully awake, it was watching me watch it. Looking into those giant black eyes, it felt like it was telling me something. I was never afraid, only peaceful. I was a little sad when they taught the babies how to fly and they all left. I have a yearning, my owl family extended visit was my event, and I am forever changed because of it. I know this isn't something you can use in your research (yeah, still praying I don't have an encounter), but I wanted to share with you the feeling I got from you too, that it must mean something and I am happy it feels like it does, and it gives me courage to keep stepping thru the veil of fear. May the universe continue to bless you, thank you, count me as a new fan. Peace and Love,

Unknown said...
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