Tuesday, August 26, 2014

audio conversation with Sherry Wilde

Sherry Wilde had been living an idyllic life as a wife, mother and business owner, at least until 1987 when her community experienced a profound UFO flap. This event prompted her to look into her own memories of a missing time event when she was a teenager. What emerged forced Sherry to accept her involvement in a terribly challenging phenomenon.

She was now faced with the indisputable evidence that she had been experiencing ongoing contact with extra-terrestrial beings, and it had been happening all throughout her life. This new reality, and all of its bizarre implications, almost pushed her over the edge.

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Inexplicably she found herself writing a book about the encounters. The act of writing opened up her memories of hidden events and the teachings these beings had imparted to her. She now accepts the truth of these encounters and has cooperative contact on a regular basis with the beings she affectionately refers to as "her guys."

He book is titled The Forgotten Promise: Rejoining Our Cosmic Family

Sherry said:
This is my story. I cannot prove any of it. For years I was encouraged to write about these experiences, but I resisted. This was not an easy story for me to write, and it might not be easy for you to read or believe. I understand that. . . This book is not only a recounting of my experiences but also the story of how I discovered that, like most things, it is possible to turn the worst thing in your life into something positive just by choosing to look at it from a different perspective.

Sherry's book is available at her website. And, here is an excellent audio interview with Sherry on Veritas Radio.

This video is a good introduction to Sherry and her experiences


John Burke said...

Stockholm syndrome.

Erin P said...

I got that impression too. I have a really hard time when someone brings up the words "fifth dimension," though.

Mike Clelland! said...

I listen carefully whenever anyone tells of having these challenging experiences.

Yes, Sherry says things that might make a "nuts & bolts" researcher cringe. But she's not the only one saying these kinds of things. Lots of other folks are telling a similar story, but few with the clarity of Sherry.

The UFO phenomenon presents itself in a way that forces any researcher to look at the possibility of the source being from another dimension - something that none of us truly understands.

But, when an experiencer comes out and uses terms that would actually imply contact with another dimension, people cringe.

Terms like vibration and fifth-dimension are easy to mock. But that doesn't mean you can't pay close attention to the stories, experiences and conclusions of someone who has had direct contact with these other realms.

I am not saying this stuff is easy. It is terribly challenging to wrap your mind around, and harder still to actually document and research.

But I would be doing a disservice to the mystery to ignore (or edit) someone like Sherry just because she uses vocabulary words that might make someone uncomfortable.

Mike C

Anonymous said...

I am not a "new ager" but I found the interview so interesting that I listened to parts of it twice. I will probably listen to it again. There is something about what she was talking about that feels correct. It also reminds me of the books by Doris Lessing, Canopus in Argos. Especially that we are talking about people and not the angelic realm.

Wonderful interview Mike. I appreciate your work tremendously.

David Downey, Jr. said...

Hi Mike,

When I read this it immediately reminded me of Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey because Dr. Meg refers to the beings she channels as "my guys" and also refers to the 5th Dimension if I remember correctly. Who knows...maybe they communicate with similar or the same beings. It has been sometime since I checked your blog and I'm really enjoying looking around.

Anonymous said...

In many aspects her "material" echoes that of Dolores Cannon whose co. is the publisher of her books.. She doesn't want to read other people experiences so as not to contaminate her own, she says, but teaching "Course In Miracle", reading CWG series and whatever else she didn't mention, that's no problem oddly enough.
Look up the late Karla Turner, her suspicious death, and what she had to say about Alien messages (hint:they come..and go).
Regarding synchronicities..if we understand their meaning, intent and use, we will not ask silly q's (Beach Boys...). Those may annoy or amuse the Aliens.
Thick skulls 'em humans...
Lastly, they an Alien joke:
How do you make a human do anything you ask? Tell him he's "our chosen one".
Penetrated your skull?

Anonymous said...

This interview really upset me. I've stuck with your interviews for a long time and grown to love the way you don't permit the easy definitive answers. But this interview just seemed to go back on all that. Lots of easy, definitive answers. I don't think it can be this simple, I really don't.

Mike Clelland! said...

I'll say it again, I think Sherry is a very credible spokes person for the UFO abduction cause.

I read her book and was amazed at her experiences.

I will also say that the answer she gave, when she was channeling (about "why" all the owls) was curiously perfect for me to hear.

Mike C

Anonymous said...

I was struck by her idea of fulfilling a life agreement as I was in the midst of having a kind of an epiphany around this myself this week. I then looked at some of the Dolores Cannon material on volunteer waves and there I was: peace worker, life long depressive, nature lover, preferring solitude. Hmm.

Cannon then brings up the bible, Atlantis - which generally earn one's dismissal - along with the notion that lost civilizations came close to our current technological level. Either their tech was bio-degradable or someone's trippin.

The Course of Miracles will get a second look though. I sure hope it's better than The Secret.

Knocker said...

I never took the Course, but have found the book comforting reading at times. One needs to know it's "channeled" material from the supposed perspective of Jesus except it has little in common with what Christians would accept. One might call it a form of New Age perspective but only in the sense of ancient Eastern teachings. My p.o.v. anyway.

Luke Holder said...

I see 123 and 1234 all the time. Clocks, time stamps, etc. Love it!

Mike Clelland! said...

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Brooklyn. My chair faces the window and the address directly opposite my face is 123.

Also - A Course in Miracles is better than The Secret.

Mike C

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to explain this to myself, but I have to say that this interview was possibly my all time favorite so far (and you have had so many stellar guests). I was blown away and ringing like a bell from how much her story and ideas resonated for me. I listened to the entire interview 4 times! Thanks for another home run.

Isabella in Texas

Red Pill Junkie said...

You know Mike, I've just realized that in all the interviews or posts in which you talk about Christen, and how the moment the owls flew over you she was discussing her most personal, heartfelt definition of what God is, you never actually say what exactly that is.

I for one would really like to know what Christen thinks God is :)

As for Sherry, well, like you said it certainly is challenging. Especially with how she gives an specific date (2017) when life in this planet will change dramatically. I wonder what would happen if that year comes and goes without any major incidents.

One interesting thing I got out of this is how highly she speaks of Don Schmidt. I didn't know he was interested in abductions.

Anonymous said...

I like you. And I feel compassion to all people that go through what you experience.
I listened to the interview and my intuition rose up sending me bad feelings about it.
There are 2 major red flags in this interview: calling the "ets" my guys, and giving a date for Earth to go to another dimension with only the chosen ones.
I agree with he guy who said she is suffering Stockholm Syndrome.
I am inclined to believe that are ultradimensional beings playing with humans. And I think she is game for them.
We should all live in peace, harmony, respect, and mostly important, trying to make this planet a better home for us all. The idea of chosen ones is really negative. Furthermore, people who think they have an answer are mostly likely clueless.
We have no idea what is on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Have to say, I agree with the above. I honestly tried listening to the entirety of this interview; couldn't do it. My intuition tells me there's just something 'off' with this person. I don't find her at all offensive - quite the contrary. But something's WRONG here, Mike.

As with the human race, there are some Beings who are benevolent, some who are malevolent (decidedly so), and most, perhaps, somewhere in between. Also, when I listened to the beginning of her interview, when she stated these Beings' 'feelings' or manner in which they conveyed their feelings, that seemed false to me. I started wondering if she's perhaps a MILAB victim and doesn't yet realize this.

I may try and stick it out and listen to the rest of the interview. I did buy her book and plan on reading it (it received rave reviews at Amazon). Perhaps something in her book with help me sort out this interview.

Mike Clelland! said...

Sherry's book is a straight narrative, starting at her younger experiences and following thru along her entire life. She was clear in the interview that much of this more "expanded consciousness" stuff came along since the book publication.

So, folks who were challenged by her interview would (I think) still find her story quite dramatic and compelling.

Mike C

Mike Clelland! said...

Sherry's book is a straight narrative, starting at her younger experiences and following thru along her entire life. She was clear in the interview that much of this more "expanded consciousness" stuff came along since the book publication.

So, folks who were challenged by her interview would (I think) still find her story quite dramatic and compelling.

Mike C

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

First, although I often find the content of your podcast challenging, I also find it very interesting. Thank you for putting yourself out on a limb and revealing difficult subject matter.

I come at the alien abduction reports with an open minded agnosticism. So, I couldn’t help remember Sherry mentioning that her experiences were ongoing. My first thought was, ‘We need to get some investigator to her house to stay for a while, or at least rig her place with cameras and other equipment. If this is truly an ongoing and real experience, we can hardly pass up this chance to gain some confirmation of it. This could be of supreme importance to pulling back the curtain a little on the whole UFO enigma.’ Perhaps you had a similar thought. Would Sherry be open to such an investigation?

I’m not investigator of these things, at least not yet. I do know someone who might be interested. But I guess my real motivation in writing you is to encourage you, if you haven’t already taken steps in this direction, in seeing what could be done to possibly investigate Sherry’s case. I suspect you have many more contacts in this area than I.

Be well and best wishes

Mike Clelland! said...


There should be a serious investigation into Sherry's case - as well as a LOT Of there cases. There are plenty of people having ongoing contact events - like - a LOT. There is no money, and there is no real will to do any pragmatic investigation.

Where is MUFON?

It simply isn't happening. Why? I wish I knew.

I am trying to document the "story" the experiences as seen from a very human lens.

Mike C

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,

Thank you for your reply. I was anon. above asking about an investigation into Sherry's case. If you don't have the time, no worries, but I'd love to hear you expand on why you think it is that there isn't a lot of interest or resources put into cases like these. I frankly find it incredible. Is it that a lot of people in UFOlogy have written off abduction cases? I understand these things cost money, but I've always assumed, and perhaps you and most others reading this as well, that having hard evidence of abduction would be perhaps the greatest discovery of human history. And because of this we--whoever that might be--would spare no expense.

Have a gentle evening,

ArizonaWill said...

Hi, I am very late to the party, but I recently discovered Sherry Wilde through the VERITAS archives. Consequently, I have purchased her book and downloaded all her interviews and talks from YOUTUBE. Mike, my problem is that nothing she says is original. I have been interested in New Age metaphysics and channeling since discovering the Jane Roberts SETH MATERIAL in the 70's. Sherry is merely repeating a lot of the material originally publicized via the RA MATERIAL (Scott Mandelker is an expert on this, if you wish to check it out on YOUTUBE). The meme that the Earth was going to 4th dimension has been around since the 70's. THIS IS NOTHING NEW! I find it very hard to believe that aliens are now teaching such New Age "dogma" to abductees. Although Sherry may not read abduction/ufo books, she obviously has read a lot of New Age materials. She is waiting for a mass Ascension of enlightened humankind, even though our reality does not work that way - it is not part of the rule set governing our reality (Check out Tom Campbell). Sherry is sweet, but she admitted TO ME personally that she has a religious faith in a coming Ascension (non-Christian version of the Rapture) with a harvest of enlightened souls. All the "bad" lowly 3rd dimensional souls would go to another 3rd dimensional planet whereas Earth will flow with 4th dimensional glory. Come on, Mike. Do you really believe this? I have read and listened to predictions since the 70s about when this would occur. The dates have all passed. I find Sherry very entertaining and charming. But I do not take her New Age religious faith seriously.

ArizonaWill said...

Addendum: I do not think it is in the charter of MUFON to investigate CONTACTEES, which is the category where Sherry Wilde fits. Sherry joins a cadre of people who espouse their ongoing relationship with New Age aliens who teach them basic "truths" that can be found easily on Amazon.com by simply putting in New Age Metaphysics as a search term. I suspect that MUFON has little respect for these people, since they are effectively creating a new fringe religion with our always friendly and very talkative Space Brothers as the main squeeze, while the contactee serves as a prophet. Could contactees be telling the truth? Of course!! But I think the term "Contactee" has had a very bad reputation since the 1950's when Adamski and his pals reported such relationships with blond blue eyed Venusians who were very worried about The Bomb (a major common fear in the 50's).

ArizonaWill said...

Nonetheless, I am very fond of Sherry Wilde. There is a perceived vulnerability there that attracts me, and I always enjoy her interviews. I wish I could see her in June at Joshua Tree, but such UFO related events are always so expensive. $450 for a couple, PLUS hotel expenses PLUS travel expenses. I just can't afford it. Perhaps some day she (and you for that matter?) will appear at the Phoenix UFO Congress that is held each February - a nice time for Snow Birds to come down here and get away from the ice and snow.