Wednesday, December 18, 2013

interview with Kelly Cahill

Kelly Cahill

This is the audio track from an interview with Australian abductee Kelly Cahill. The sound was lifted from a 5 part series of youtube videos, and they are all edited together for easier listening. This interview probably took place sometime in the late 1990's.

  one-click audio download HERE  

Kelly has a remarkable and well documented case. In August 1993, the then 27-year-old Kelly and her husband and three children were driving home after a visiting a friend. On a rural road on the drive home the car was stopped by a large disc shaped craft and an abduction occurred. This event was witnessed by several other people from different locations, making it a highly credible event.

There is a very interesting bit that Kelly shares about the birth of her son, it comes late in the interview at the 43:00 time count.

Here is a good write up of her experience by Bill Chalker (HERE). And, here is a link to her now out-of-print 1997 book Encounter.


Anonymous said...

A very well done interview. I watched/listened through youtube because the audio link doesn't work (for me). Maybe it's my Internet Explorer that's the problem.

I've read about Kelly and some of the other CE witnesses before and it's so fascinating and frightening, of course.

This case had it all -- ground, soil evidence, physical effects documented and plenty of co-experiencers/eye witnesses.

~ Susan

Mike Clelland! said...

ooops! I just fixed the link, I made a mistake when I posted it yesterday.

Mike C

rogerv said...

Very compelling case - one of the best I've come across, but I don't study this field very intently (been relying on Mike's site here to gradually bring me up to speed). But it was certainly a case wanted to share with my social contacts, so I wrote a Facebook item on it and shared a link to the podcast on this site.

Thanks Mike for piecing this together and posting it.

Eva said...

Hi Mike, I had just made a posting on my blog about frequencys and then I came here - and found this! Interesting. Kelly talks about that low frequency she felt during the event. That's sounds similar to what I felt in my haunted apartment during 2008-2009.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A few days ago I listened to another of Kelly's interviews from the 1990s and also read two of the reports of her CE. What stood out and resonated with me was her sense that these entities "had no soul".

~ Susan

Mike Clelland! said...

I have heard this from others, but not from Kelly Cahill, that the aliens "have no soul"

Very curious to contemplate. The implications are extremely strange.

LYNNEJ70 said...

I believe this happened to her,because in 1992 going along the pacific highway on my way to Byabarra NSW,with my friend and young child,when my car came to a stop for no reason on Bulledellah mountain,its very vague .in my memory, i see amber lights,thinking they were the nrma lights,but for the weirdest reason itlike i see them as we are apporoaching and not when my friend came bac to the car,there was a house (which there really wasnt)that she knocked on the doot to ask for help)9they give ppl screen memories)and all i know is when we arrived i was asked by my then boyfriend ,what had taken us so long,I never gave that night a second thought,until after 2001 when i had a full blown abduction while sitting and watching a ufo,then for no reason that journey played like a movie in my head,when there was no reason it should have ,after all i didnt think anything of it,but i did remember i was asked what took us so long,so i went back to my friend and my then x by that time and asked,what time we arrived because i already knew what time we left,even if my time of arrival was used theres 5 hours missing,but i had no reason to think of it,it was like i was made to remember ,but again only in snippets,i came to realise that up to 7 hours was missing,and it should have been day time still but for some reason i see thats its dark on that mountain,another thing that is creepy,is i asked my friend where here memory of that night,started again,and she said the turnoff,off the highway,,and that was exactly where i remember it,but that was 2 hours past that mountain,also the farm we were going to had cows sick &dying,well thats what we thought until years later we realised they were animal mutilations,i remembered on one occasion passiong a dead cow just off the track,and it looked as though it smiled,because thats where the skin was taken,my dad had closer up looks of them and couldnt work out what was doing it,because the cuts he said seemed like laser cuts,but he never told us,probably so we wouldnt get scared.after this happened to me i went looking for answers,and now i have more questions,all iknow is we are not imagining this,i also had physical marks on me after my 2001 abduction,and 3 ink like dots,and my skirt had an imprint of my legs both positions superimposed over the other.the story gets much deeper and this is only the tip.but they exist.and semthing is going on.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever notice the sound of Mario in the background the entire interview?