Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jacob and Esau, a metaphor of the hairy ape and modern human

Hairy Esau realizes he's been duped! 
(art by R. Crumb)
Linked below is short excerpt from the 1994 book TAKEN by the late Dr. Karla Turner. (PDF of the entire book HERE)

This is one of the more bizarre things I’ve ever read in a book about UFO abduction (or any book for that matter). Turner was was an insightful and open-minded researcher, author and abductee; so much so that she was somewhat ignored by many within the research community.

What follows is a re-examination of the story of Jacob and Esau from the book of Genesis; this was  presented to Dr. Turner in a theatrical virtual reality dream. A set of hidden entities were trying to explain something to her. Are the twin brothers in this biblical story a metaphor that explains the alien intervention of the human species? Was the the lowly hairy caveman altered to create a smooth skinned intellectual product of genetic manipulation?

The PDF document includes illustrations from R.Crumb's Book of Genesis, the entire Jacob and Esau story linked HERE.

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Dennis/87 said...

Woke up this morning with a Dead tune,esau. Shadowboxing the apokolipse sp? Then turned to your site. The synchs keep me wondering. Dennis

Anonymous said...

Very interesting stuff you dug up here, Mike. For all I know Dr. Turner may just have dreamt this, but here are some ideas about this anyway:
- I'm sure everyone has noticed that each abductee with a "cataclism" narrative tells of a different scenario. How could the world end in all these different ways? Aren't the "aliens" supposed to know the future?
- I have no references for what I'm going to write, but, from what I've gathered from many years of following this subject, the "consensus" scenario among abductee disaster prophecies is that the "aliens" are supposed to come out openly some time before the "great catastrophe"; their appearance is in fact one of the portending signs of the end. This would make perfect sense in light of the information conveyed in this experience, I mean: how could they come out DURING a catastrophe that will never happen?
- I see no scientific validation whatsoever for the possibility of any kind of earth upheavals, I mean worldwide earthquakes, volcanoes, poleshifts (actual poleshifts, not magnetic poleshifts, a very different thing).
That said, make no mistake: I'm very much convinced we're in for a whole lot of trouble. Global warming, alone, may bring about a level of suffering the western world hasn't seen in decades. On the political front, for example here in Europe, we seem to be going blindly and happily into a new round of fascism and then, inevitably, in a decade or two, into war (the US doesn't seem much better off, though I think it'll probably escape civil war, but not an absolute police state). These are very scary prospects, to which we should all wake up. But, as awful as these things are, they do not even come close to an apocalypse. As battered as it may be, and how great the level of suffering, humanity has survived worse (that does not mean we ourselves, individually, will...). There are very few scenarios that could bring about an actual end to mankind, and these, science tells us, have very low probability of happening any time soon (and what are you going to believe: data you can reason about and discuss, or the faith-based prophecies of deceivers that come in the night?). Among these there's a huge meteor strike, a nearby supernova, a nearby gamma ray burst, etc.. A possible exception to the unlikelihood of an extermination of mankind is nuclear war, which, really, can happen any time, and which, as far as I know, seems to be strangely absent from abductee catastrophe narratives. Could it be that is because nuclear wars, like climate change, economic exploitation and the decay of democracy, are in our hands to stop? It seems these "aliens" have a preference for disempowering narratives, which, coincidentally, are having a resurgence in the western world: nowadays, everything is "inevitable", and acceptance the only virtue. This ties in with the contents of the book excerpt you brought us...
Ok, I've ranted enough...

Anonymous said...

I thought Dr. Turner's work was excellent. It seems to me that she was getting uncomfortably close to the realty of MILABs.

I've been hearing about this comming "Good Cop, Bad Cop" routine from both Alex Collier & George Kavassilas for a while now. I feel that there is something to it.

Isaac should have trusted his gut feeling here...just like we'll need to ;-)

Lucretia Heart said...

I wrote this in April 2009:

"I don't know whether or not the aliens actually created humans as a slave race in our far, far past. Anything's possible, but I can't offer insight on such massive guesses...

Another point: I've witnessed the Greys using a "savior" scenario, including the inducement of religious images and "true-believer" emotions, to persuade humans to cooperate with them. It was bogus and I saw through it at least a couple of times, but most of the humans around me during these little shows did not and totally thought the Greys were the angels of God or something. That makes me believe it's possible that the Greys are analagous to the "Archons" of Gnostic texts-- basically Tricksters who fool us into accepting them as the ultimate authority through religion.

In any event, one thing that has been well established by alien abduction researchers such as Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs is that the Greys definitely are secretly taking humans (often at night from our beds while we sleep), stealing our genetic material (sperm and ova) and then mixing it with their own (apparently) clone race to create a hybridized race with more genetic variation and resilience than what they are composed of now. Hybrids have been mass-produced, and are now being trained to behave more like humans. This I've seen for myself, as have others. The Greys seem to have some master plan where the hybrids will be living among us and in charge of the rest of us. (Again, I've seen evidence of this for myself.) But when that would happen or how is not known.

Did the Greys do this before and take, say-- a Neanderthal-- mix it with them and make modern humans? They seem to imply this. Are they doing this more for them than us, but think it'll help us not kill ourselves off in the process and so is therefore justified? I completely believe that. I think they honestly, in their hive-mind way, believe they're doing us a grand fucking favor here-- but they don't trust us to have a say in the process-- and besides, they know we'd vehemently protest, and they would rather not deal with any of that nonsense."

Lucretia Heart said...

I have admired Karla Turner's approach to her experiences a great deal for a very long time. I've had the exact same idea stuck in my head since my teens at least (the 80s) that the aliens mean to replace us with their hybrids.

I think Anonymous's comments are right on the ball. We abductees are given almost a religious zealot's perspective towards worldwide cataclysm, but no specifics. We're also told we'll help the transition from the way things are done now "down here" to a different way (with THEM and the hybrids in charge) later.

And, yes-- most of us are told (shown) that the aliens WILL show up BEFORE some big thing. (The infamous "stars falling from the sky" scenario-- which aren't stars but UFOs. This to be followed by landings all over publicly.)

Once you put even this much of it together, it starts to feel extremely uncomfortable...

Ken Bakeman said...

The Jacob and Esau story is about trickery and deception -- the modus operandi of most 'aliens'. Around 1995 I started to read Karla Turner's book 'Taken' before going to bed at night. After only a few sentences I heard a voice in my head say, "You don't want to read that" and I promptly fell asleep. The book somehow got lost but I found it about a month later shoved way under my bed. I still haven't read 'Taken' . . . I'm almost afraid to!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Let's not also forget that, according to the Torah (Old Testament), Jacob ended up wrestling with a really enigmatic individual.

Some accounts consider it was an angel --maybe even his brother Esau's guardian angel-- while other scholars interpret it as the Angel of the Lord, meaning it was an early incarnation of Christ himself.

Jacob asked the 'angel' to bless him, and the angel changed his name to Israel, which literally means 'Struggle with God.' Jacob also asked to know the angel's name, though the angel refused --in the Babilonian tradition, to know the actual name of a supernatural entity, be that an angel or a devil, means to have power over it --that's why Catholic exorcists are always asking for the name of the demon possessing a human host.

Author Prayatna said...

The story of the prophets in the Quran is for Mahamati Prannath.

औलाद याकूब कहया इसहाक , इनों का कबीला है पाक |
"Jacob (or Imam Mahdi Mahamati Prannath) was the (godly) son of Issac (or Devchandra Mehta) whose tribe of followers has been said holy."

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