Tuesday, March 12, 2013

line on a map across Southern Utah

GREEN Pin: Location of the round structure, 3-10-2013
RED Pin: Owl and orb seen by Natascha, 3-2-2011
BLUE Pin: Irrational fear with Natascha, 5-13-2010

Note: The info here is a companion to another post about sleeping under the stars (linked HERE). This is required reading to fully understand the overal implications.

I'm sorta freaked out. I just created this map. I did it in a sort of crazed intuitive flurry. Before I even started I absolutely knew what would appear. The yellow line connects three deeply personal sights in Southern Utah. This is entangled with the post I wrote this morning.

The GREEN pin marks the location of a round structure seen from my sleeping bag just two nights ago. (post linked HERE)

The RED pin marks the site where Natascha and I slept along the Burr Trail. That night she took a walk in the moonlight while I stayed in my sleeping bag. She saw a bright orb while I listened to the hooting of a Great Horned Owl. (post linked HERE)

The BLUE pin is what is pretty much the most profound abduction type experience I have ever (consciously) experienced. Natasha and I experienced an irrational sense of fear in a tent near Dolores Colorado. (post linked HERE) That same night I felt as if I was floating out of the roof of the tent and into a white realm. I asked, "Am I on a table?" and the next day I had a long scratch across my chest.

These three locations are each EXACTLY positioned along a 231 mile long straight line. The message to me is that something happened on Sunday night under the stars. Needless to say, this is some freaky shit!

The RED pin marks where I slept the night I heard the owl and Natascha saw the bright orb. 
That pin is exactly where we were lying. 
The yellow line cuts thru it (seemingly) to the millimeter!

The weird impulse to create this map:
About an hour ago I experienced a very clear knowing that these locations would line up perfectly. It didn't come in a clear verbal set of instructions. Instead, I was just suddenly aware of the full image, and how it looked (and all fit together) in one instant of absolute knowing. I just sat at the computer, opened google maps and did it. At first it was a little off. I was using my sleeping location from two nights ago as the western most point. The location of the orb and owl event in the middle was about 200 feet off from perfect. Then I switched the western most point about 1.6 miles to the site of the circular structure and everything lined up with an eerie exact perfection.

I am reliving the same weird sense of profound knowing from 2010. This involved putting lines on a map and it culminated in a series of posts linked HERE.

This sense of absolute knowing can only be called a very clear psychic download.

Text added March 15th 2013:
Last night I got a note from Natascha. She told me March 10th is her birthday! This is the date of the Sunday night event when I was in sleeping outside in Utah. She was with me and experienced the middle and Eastern events on the map. These were by far the scarier than what happened last Sunday.


On March 10th 2010 I posted the very first essay where I posted an essay titled a LINE ON A MAP. This dealt with the map weirdness that connected Mac Tonnies, Byron North Dakota and owls. This was exactly three years to the day before I lay down under the starts in Utah on Sunday night.

Text added March 23 2013:
Some more very strange data about these three sites on the map. A commenter named Anonymous checked the moon phases for the three events noted on the yellow line. Each event occurred extremely close to the new moon on the calendar for that day. The new moon is the exact opposite of the full moon, when the moon is at it's darkest.

The data he uncovered is noted below. He used a site called WolfrAmalpha to get the data around new moons and the calendar. I did a quick check using other on-line sources and his numbers are accurate.

nearest new moon to March 10th 2013 in Utah: 1:54 pm MDT March 11th 2013 (approx.12 hours after the event)

nearest new moon to March 2nd 2011 in Utah: 
1:49 pm MST March 4th 2011 (approx. 58 hours after the event)

nearest new moon to May 13th 2010 in Colorado: 
7:07 pm MST May 13th 2010 (approx. 4.5 hours before the event)

The March 10th 2013 event happened sometime after midnight and before 4:AM, there's no way of knowing. The March 2nd 2011event happened sometime before dawn. Maybe around 4:AM or so, again, no way of knowing. May 13th 2010 event happened around 11:40 PM, I remember looking at my watch and wrote it down the following morning.

The probability of three events happening so close to the new moon obviously very low. Also, the pattern of seeing a UFO during the new moon was noted by John Keel in The Mothman Prophesies. 

Huge thanks to Anonymous!

Here's my response to this map. Something changed in me and I write about it HERE.


Lucretia Heart said...


Were these also lined up in time? I mean, the one on the far left (disk sighting) was the last thing that happened. Was the one on the far right the first thing?

If so, then its like a path is being lined up towards the left. What lies further to the left I wonder? If you go on a trip further west along that line, would more happen?

Red Pill Junkie said...

>"If so, then its like a path is being lined up towards the left. What lies further to the left I wonder? If you go on a trip further west along that line, would more happen?"

You read my mind ;)

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply To L~Heart:

I am trusting my own psychic flash. My sense is that if I drag the line east and west nothing will show up.

When I created the map (with Byron SD) in 2010 I tried to extend lines to see if there were any more clues. Nothing really came up. The funny thing is was that I just *KNEW* that nothing would happen, but I tried anyway.

Than map was inspired by a series of psychic *flashes* of absolute knowing.

I'm not exaggerating!

Mike C!

Debi Tripp said...

That is some freaky stuff there Mike!
I think your consciousness is expanding into overtime--which is a good thing. I wonder what would happen if you were to camp again at any of those places, or anywhere on that "line". That could be a fun experiment!

Debi Tripp said...

Oh...and here's a little synchronicity for you...
I haven't been able to listen to your shows in forever, and last night was the first time I was able to in a long time. I listened to your Darryl Anka interview. It was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I saw your post on my timeline this afternoon. I thought, "How funny! I just listened to him last night!"

Walter Bosley said...


Anonymous said...

I had another sighting but it was on December 14th at a bout 4:34 am. I was working the midnight shift and was taking my lunch break when I was at a stop light, I was watching the stop light when I saw a large brilliant white sphere as big as a dime at arms' length drop straight down vertically. I came down very quickly and perfectly vertical as if on a rope. It was a very clear night with many stars visible but this was as bright as the full moon and white with a mother of pearl irridescence about it. It droppped straight down behing a high ridge to my the North in Southern Ohio. I was the lone vehicle at the stop light when it occurred and afterwards as I pondered the sighting I felt it was just for me to see.

Trish said...

Fascinating, Mike. I wonder, is it some sort of ley line?

Mike Clelland! said...

Several people have asked if the yellos line on the map might be a ley line.

My sense is that the line is not a ley line, but it was somehow staged for me to find it later (meaning Monday evening)

The act of finding it is a kind of heavy handed way to force me to really examine the phenomenon. It makes me realize the event in Utah was REAL.

Anyway - thats how it "feels"

Red Pill Junkie said...

So it's a FEEL line :P

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

could you please post a map with all the points where you camped?

The question is:
Did you noticed some form of "launching" that happens in that direction in particular?

Or were you attracted to that line?

Or is this a mere coincidence?

Best regards

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Anonymous:

I have spent a LOT of time down in the southern part of Utah, but only had a few odd experiences. There is one other site (Valley of the God) where "something" happened but it's not on this line, it's between the eastern most marker and the center marker, and curiously, it is chronologically where it should be in the overall calendar.

Mike C

Greg said...

There may also be things going on in your subconscious of which you do not have conscious recall. I feel that this is significant in many cases where people ascribe synchronicities to some external force. Subconsciously created coincidences may be no less important however!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's "Anonymous" :)

You're welcome, Mike, I had fun doing it, it's not often one gets the chance to actually contribute to the investigation of a paranormal (let's call it that) event. But there's something I have to call your attention too: you let an error creep into your addendum: from the early morning hours of March 3rd 2011 to 1:49 pm March 4th 2011 it is actually about 36 hours. The alignment isn't as perfect as you wrote, though it is still quite impressive, and that's why I went on and on about the probability of something happening within 36 hours of the new moon...

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Anonymous,

I messed up. I went back and looked at my credit card statements and recreated the southern Utah trip from 2011. I was off by one day. THe event along the Burr Trail Road (with the owl and orb) happened in the pre dawn hours of March 2nd - NOT - March 3rd like I had noted.

Now there is a whopping 58 hours between the event and the actual new moon.

The times are slightly less freaky, but impressive none the less.


Huge thanks for your pressing me to re-check! I went back and revised all the places within the blog with the wrong info.

Mike C!

Anonymous said...

Considering the 231 mile line, it's interesting to note the last event was 1032 days after the first one.