Saturday, January 12, 2013

extremely odd nameless website

strange and highly stylized art direction

A reader (and listener) going by the name of Lord Jim sent me a link to an extremely odd and creepy website without any title. There isn't any information about the who or why of this site.

It's not clear whether there is even a name for it, the only hint of a title is in the URL:

It took me some clicking to figure out that there were podcasts (you need to click on the dates).  The audio is a high quality audio, usually a dialog between to unknown male voices. These guys are thoughtful and smart, and they are wrestling with big concepts. These shows are long, most are around two hours. Clicking on NOTES below these dates will bring up an essay about the audio.

There are three essays on this site and each deal with Whitley Strieber. The Key is at the core of these extremely exhaustive discourse, these are less criticism and more of a yearning kind of exploration. These guys scrutinize The Key on the Sept 26B 2012 podcast, a book they clearly call "a masterpiece."

They also examine an essay on Strieber by Aeolus Kephas, which itself is an examination of Strieber. I interviewed Aeolus (real name Jason Horsley) and much of the focus was on his thoughts on Strieber, someone he is quote fond of and fascinated by.

Some interesting discussion on the state of our society, conspiracies, paranormal matters and, of course, abductions.

If anyone knows anything about this site or the creators, please lemme know.


Lorin said...

Interesting find. I had a very positive and crazy experience after reading The Key and meditating on the information on a couple of pages... so I'm fascinated to hear about this book in any way I can.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this drew me in, and I have... something.

First, I just used Network Tools (Linux) to check out the site. Now I'm no wizard with this stuff, but when I did a Lookup, I got the following IP address -- If you go to that, you end up at another intriguing page that seems to be set up in 2009, That's similarly arcane, with little info about who did the site. It seems to be mainly about practical chaos magic, with some other stuff about archetypes and the meaning of names. There's no info there about who runs that site.

However, there's a facebook group for it, The Red Bic Lighter Initiative ( There are two individuals there running the group, Matt Fucious Spindler and Dan Fran. Who knows if they're the same ones on the podcasts; Dan Fran looks maybe a bit young, and that sounds like it might be a pseudonym. There's almost nothing on Google about Matt Fucious Spindler, and I didn't come across anything that might link him to Strieber.

But this is way too beguiling.

Illuminatus said...

You know what's odd? When I check out that IP address, it seems like the primary domain is So, again, WTF?

plasmate said...

On one of the podcasts, they mention how the older dude only read The Key in preparation to interview Strieber. That should narrow it down.

Lord Jim said...

Mike -

Hello. Unless I'm confused I'm pretty sure I found this show on the binnall of the americas website. I saw a link in the forum a couple months back I think. One of the guys might be a moderator.

Morgoth said...

Hey Plasmate,

I heard that episode, I'm pretty sure he was referring to the new version of The Key being read in preparation for a Strieber interview.

Bright Garlick said...

Thanks Mike _ I found this to be a very curious and fascinating read !

Could this be the work of a nutcase ? Possible ? Yes. Could this be the work of an insider trying to create more confusion or feed elements of truth or opinions of truth ?
I don't know but I think they succeed in creating speculation and making us question. The talks go well with the narratives !

Thanks Mike for this strange breakfast, like William Burrough's Naked Lunch on the end of a fork.

So much is explored here - even in one line stream of consciousness like sentences. Much like the authors say of parts of The Key. Things highlighted and left open.

This maybe one of the most intelligent websites on the subject of aliens and weirdness and how humans are !

This person(s) is very intelligent and really understands the whole Alienology movement and more !

"Shift in the site of the encounter to individual contact; lack of overall pattern in encounter accounts; making too much of ‘strangeness’; evolution of phenomenon; ETH as non-hypothesis but restricted explanation; online culture’s reaction against civic group-UFOlogy culture; illiteracy in ETH straw man; ‘extra-terrestrial’ vs. ‘from other nearby planets’; ‘interdimensional’; false debate arising from circumstance; discontinuity in contact accounts; Vallee set up as counter-authority; wildest explanation taken as de facto true; analysis of encounters driven by cultural, political
concerns; progress in understand occurs by accident Heterogeneity of ‘metaphysical counter-culture’: New Agers, psychedelic enthusiasts, pagans, astrologers, hermeticists, shamanic revivalists; consensus reality escaped by degrees; sociology of paradigm emancipation; absence of philosophical training and critical thinking in sub-culture; rebellion as basic cultural fact; underdetermination in UFO data: unimaginable alien civilizations, totally impenetrable secret agencies".

Thanks Mike !


Morgoth said...

Hey Mike and Bright,

Both you guys keep referring to those PDFs labeled "notes" as if they were essays. Bright even goes so far as to call em stream of conscious narratives.

I tried listening to the audio while reading along in the "notes" and discovered that they aren't essays at all -- they are show notes!

Whoever made this isn't writing prose in some weird style, they are listing out the main points to help people follow the convo!


Red Pill Junkie said...

What I'm extracting from the discussion I downloaded, it seems these 2 gentleman are struggling with the inconsistencies between the 2 published versions of The Key, and the way Strieber tried to justify the differences.

They don't seem to have considered the possibility that the inconsistencies are following the typical nature of the phenomenon: self-negation.

Bright Garlick said...

Hey Morgoth - I never realized that because I listened to one thing and read another and never did the same one together. Of course that makes sense. It's just the narrative by itself looks that way. Which I kind of liked anyway !

This is the problem with having too many tabs open at once and given attention to more than one thing ! I forgot I am only an accomplished monotasker - sometimes !

Thanks for the heads up !

I agree also RPJ and it's almost as if they exploring the phenomenon from all sides finding entry points and possibilities - trying to go beyond stuck places.

Very Mike'ish in many ways !

Either way Mike, I think it was a great find.

James said...

Just a comment. The site has very 'strange' look but whoever is in back of the prose it is quite articulate.

The usual suspects... CIA, NSA, Strieber's doppelganger, well who knows...

The observations above are all not far away... quite a strange find. And the site's address... mother strangled info... Mother Earth's strangle voice(s)..?

Provocative and entertaining... what kind of hole is it meant to fill...?

James said...

From IP IP address location & more:

Host of the IP:[Whois] [Reverse IP]

Host IP [?]: [Copy] [Whois] [Reverse IP]

IP country code:

IP address country:
United States

IP address state:

IP address city:

IP postcode:

IP address latitude:

IP address longitude:

ISP of this IP [?]: Internet Services


Well the servers are located in Houston, TX... Of course Whitley Strieber was born in San Antonio.

James said...

More re The owner’s information is protected by WhoIsGuard but the following email can be used to reach the site owner:

I sent an email but have not received a response. Whoever is behind it the notes and comments are intriguing.

plasmate said...

If you go to Tools --> View Source there's some comments left in the HTML code that're pretty interesting.

Jasun said...

see here for more info:

Anonymous said...

it's "shared hosting" likely many various sites are on the same ip.