Saturday, January 5, 2013

audio conversation with Freeman Fly


Don't ask me why, but people who claim first hand UFO contact experience also tend to be absorbed in conspiracy research. Nobody fits that better than Freeman. I've been following this guy off and on for years and part of me is mystified and the other part is fascinated.

Freeman (a pseudonym) has a pretty impressive web presence. He has an audio podcast series as well as a huge load of videos. As i prepped for this interview I got absorbed in both. I've included two videos below, and remember, these were created by someone who's had direct contact with UFOs.

one-click audio download HERE
2 hours / 33 minutes

Who is Freeman? Well, here is a list of Freeman's sites: His podcasts, his videos, his website, his on-line store, his blog and his upcoming book series WEIRD STUFF!

Let me add that both Freeman and myself have essays in the brand new, now available, super-cool  SYNC BOOK 2.

another audio option for listening

Illuminati Occult Corporate Logos

Columbia, America's Goddess


Trish said...

Hmmm. I will now hunt. I'm beginning to wonder if it's all a video game, an app.

Anonymous said...

I do love Freeman, but Manly P. Hall died over 20 years ago.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Freeman, eh? so where's his crowbar? ;)

Some of the prediction claims got a bit tiresome --after all, retroactively anyone can claim to have predicted any type of sensational event-- but I dig his advice to be willing to believe in our imagination. That takes guts though :)

Anya Is A Channel said...

"Acquaintance"? Acquaintance. Right. (Sighs)

Sounds like Freeman has dealt with the same types of cherry-picking, territorial egos in the exopolitical world that I have.

Freeman, if you are reading this, Swerdlow's dad was KGB and Stu is himself a boy spy turned programmer of mind controlled science projects for Montauk and others vis a vis DARPA.

The guy is a negative neurolinguistic programmer par excellence and has tried to get me under his wing (his regressive reptilian wing, that is) unsuccessfully many times, and has reprogrammed many people I personally know who are attached directly to DARPA programs.

He also absolutely psychically attacked one of the production managers on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura because they didn't like his cop-out presentation on the Time Travel episode he was on.

I know he did because the production manager called me from the shoot hysterically crying and told me she started vomiting and was in pain for no reason. Her direct words were "I'm being psychically attacked."

Stew came over to "help" her and made the situation ten times worse. (I stopped the attack as soon as she asked me for help.)

(I also am in that episode. Initially I was also warning one of the reporters (who Swerdlow later hypnotized against his will) against interviewing him because there were mind control connections to this person- I didn't know it was Swerdlow I was referring to at the time, and this scene was cut out of the final edit.)

Swerd is so programmed to the core I am not at all surprised that he said what he said to you. He's arrogant as well and spreads a *lot* of pre-programmed disinfo to spread lies about the nature of reality AND the true, very real secret space, time travel, and ET programs within the Departments of Defense and DARPA. He's a professional bullshitter, essentially.

Tsarion is arrogant, what can you do? He's also a cherry picker as well but at least he gets some stuff right. I'm sorry you got the brush off, though. Been there, done that. Meh, this isn't a popularity or pissing contest for me, sounds like it isn't one for you either.

I hope to meet you some day if you ever read this.


Anya Briggs

Anonymous said...

Freeman makes things far far worse for confused people who cannot research for themselves . . I REALLY love yr podcasts Mike, please dont take offense, but I dont like Freeman one little bit.


All that crap about Barak Obama is a clone of Akhenaten, for pete's sake. Reaaaallly!

I have him in the same category as Chris Everard, David Icke, yes, Tsarion[although I agree with Anya there] or Alex Jones. . all these internet 'truth' moguls provide a cult of personality that their followers adhere to, buy product from, and never draw their won conclusions, they just lap it up . .. . and the UFO scene if full of such vulnberable people, as well as some really keen thinkers every now and then. Manly P Hall . . . Jordan Bloody Maxwell . . . . meh.

My heart sinks when i see people i respect interview his as some kind of authority on masonry, woo woo, the illuminati, or anything at all . .. I have a tiny platform here, and no DVDs for sale, so i am quite within the rights of polite society to assert that i believe Freeman to be, at the very least, an ass.

Thanks for letting me have my say!

Love the podcast . . . Many thanks . .

MichaelD said...

Why do I get a really creepy feeling from this guy, like he's working for the wrong side?

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Anonymous,

Please - Listen to my questions and what I say. I even repeat some things at the end of the interview reading from some notes.

My interest in him is because he has a missing time experience along with a UFO sighting.

I take note of that kind of thing, and that he is intensely passionate about what he's doing. These two things together are of great interest to me.

Mike C!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I liked both of your chapters in
"The SYNC Book 2"
Freeman's and your's,
and your chapter Mike got me thinking back to the Monkey Puzzle posed by one of your posts.
So I did a post on the Monkey Puzzle myself -

Not that I came close to solving it though :-(

Lord Jim said...

@RPJ: I thought of the crowbar, too.

Anybody else heard this weird podcast?

It's not clear whether there is even a name for it. Creepy website. Some interesting discussion on paranormal matters and, of course, abductions.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I feel some of comments about Freeman are a little misguided. I've listened to his stuff since he started and, though I do not buy into a lot of his theories, he has definitely taken the position of just bringing you information he feel he has uncovered. Much of the information as crazy as it sounds is closer to our reality than we think it is. And regardless of whether you believe a lot of his content there is no question the elite powers that be operate in an occult nature and have been hard at work for some unseen goal for 4-5 thousand years and passing knowledge down that has been hidden from us. When you look at the NASA occult connections alone you realize the people who create our societies do not belong to any country, they are globalist. And that coupled with their occult belief system you realize we do not live in the same reality they do. I've never been one for believing in magick or ghost, I must see to believe, but it's obvious our rulers do, and whatever they do know seems to be working. I think Freeman is the only person who grasp understanding this is the most important research conspiracy theorist can focus on. Without looking at the picture with this in mind most conspiracy theorist end up running around in circles.

Anonymous said...

Freeman is quite a disappointment to me; I followed his work for years until I experienced first hand how he and his wife are able to twist their "information" only to suit their wish to be right. They might have some good stuff out there but nobody you can trust them100%, because they are far from serious, their egos are too big to be objective.

Anonymous said...

I am a little surprised at the negative comments about Freeman. Of course, everyone has the right to comment the way they see fit, but some of them are outright off the mark and not very bright or relevant. I have been listening to Freeman for a while, and the man has amazing insights because he can think out of the box. He pulls bits and pieces of info together to give us the bigger picture, something that a LOT of people CANNOT do, because they lack critical thinking skills, thanks to our rotten school system and the worthless crap that is fed us in the media. And yes, there are such things as conspiracies! This is how the world has been functioning for thousands of years! Wake up and acknowledge that some people do see what is going and that it is not always pleasant to be told that we have been had and misled for a long, long time.