Wednesday, October 17, 2012

audio conversation with Grant Cameron

Grant Cameron is a Canadian researcher best known for his research into what the President of the United States may (or may not) know about UFOs. During the interview Grant explains how his previous "nuts and bolts" research led him to the almost mystical connection between consciousness and the UFO phenomena. He has gained a wealth of insights that serve him well in when trying to define the elusive consciousness aspect.

Plus, Grant shares his deeply personal involvement in a UFO flap from 1975. This took place along the USA and Canadian border in Alberta. Hearing him explain the profound amount of sightings (including his own) was absolutely riveting.

one hour / 36 minutes long

Here's a perfectly insightful quote from a listener who posted his review of this audio interview on the H-E facebook page:
OMG! Grant Cameron talks fast, but this was so awesome I cannot contain myself!
If you wanna get lost in a wealth of information and documentation, I suggest you dig into Grant's site, Presidential UFOs.

There is a highly recommended companion interview from a podcast series titled SKEPTIKO (linked HERE). This one hour conversation is well worth your time, the host (Alex Tsakiris) digs deep.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I really enjoyed this talk Mike.
The orange orbs Grant talked about peaked my interest,because the only orbs I have ever captured on my phone/camera were the three I captured in this series of photos at Byron Bay -

I didn't physically see these orbs,but I did feel a strange peaceful presence with me as I went for a walk along the beach.
It was a feeling of pure peace and it felt like an unseen presence was with me.
A thought came to me...and it didn't feel like it was my thought,that a picture of the sun setting might make a good photo to use as a computer backdrop.So I took three photos of the sunset.
I can't remember if I took all three together or two before my walk and one on the way back,but I would say by the angle of the sun that the orange orb was taken after the walk.
Now I know this may just be a lens flair,but I have never taken another shot of an orb with the camera apart from these 3 shots,and I have taken over 3000 shots with this phone/camera.
Either way,every time I now hear of people seeing orange orbs,it gets my attention.

My original post about my walk on the beach is here -

I love the mission you and Grant seem to be on too,by the way.
I'm interested to see where this red string of destiny leads you both.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I probably also should mention that the last person I talked to at the Writer's Festival was Marcus T Anthony who is the author of the book,"Sage of Synchronicity"

who writes about seeing a UFO in that book,as well.
I took a sneaky photo of him coming out of the last talk we both attended,when I recognized him from his website pictures.

After that I got up enough courage to introduce myself,as we had often corresponded through the comments section of his blog.
Turns out that he had only just arrived at the festival while I was about to drive home.
Talk about sync.

Mike Clelland! said...


Hey - A while back I was trying to get Marcus Anthony on the show as a guest. I need to dig back into his stuff. Thanks for the reminder.

Mike C!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Marcus has actually rewritten
"Sage of Synchronicity" and added a bit more to,
but changed the title to -

"Discover Your Soul Template: 14 Steps for Awakening Integrated Intelligence"

I haven't read the new version but I didn't mind the older version.

He has a new blog now which is here -

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I should also mention that Marcus and I were at a talk that had authors who had written books on the afterlife.One in particular was Barry Eaton who had written a book titled "Afterlife"

" Based on his own amazing experiences of life between lives and his numerous communications with those who have passed over, Well-known both as a mainstream journalist and broaccaster, and for his internet radio show, Barry Eaton gives regular talks and lectures, as well as one-on-one sessions as a psychic intuitive."

Barry was a radio personality in Australia who worked for the ABC network.In his book he claims he was a British soldier killed in WWI in France.Both Marcus and I bought a copy and read it.
Barry hosts his own weekly radio show where he interviews people like Neil Donald Walsh and authors like him.I think he has a few with Neil actually.
The only thing I hate about his website is that he has a comment section,but seems to ignore all comments that are waiting for moderating.

Alexandra Jones said...

Hey Mike, are you aware that there is an owl-hooting noise at 10:45 on the recording? Given all the discussion about owls in your various interviews, this gave me chills. I'm surprised that no one else has mentioned it in their comments so far, but then again, maybe it's just on my copy of the podcast or something. Anyway, I thought I would bring it to your attention in case you hadn't noticed it.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Alexandra,

Yes, there is an owl noise - but - Alas, that is me, my voice. (sorry) I had to listen a few times, and I even went back to the master recording.

I wanted to interrupt, and I said: "Ooooh - ooh - oohh!"

An example of me being Arnold Horschak.

Mike C!

Zach Pharr said...


I've been listening to your podcasts (and reading your blog) over the last 6 months and have really enjoyed them and found them enlightening. I had a couple quick questions about your Grant Cameron conversation.

1) What was the name of the book (by I think he said the name was "Newton"...but I could have that wrong) which Grant mentioned which spoke of an amphitheater and "3D books" which showed the future events/syncronicities of your next life?

2) Also, Grant mentioned Jim Sparks in passing in the interview. I have always found this case fascinating ever since I heard Art Bell interview him several years ago.

I was just curious as to what your opinion on the Jim Sparks case was?

Keep at it, Mike. You have some great stuff here.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Zach:

1) I can't recall what Grant said about the 3D book. But in one of the Betty Andreessen/Luca books (by Ray Fowler) her daughter (I think) tells of a small book that projected 3D images.

2) Jim Sparks is a wild card. Not sure what to make of him. I met him once and I quite liked him. He seemed VERY tense. I suspect "some" of what he is telling is true, abut other things he says seem to be a kind of projection, either from his own ego or an outside source.

Thanks for the kind words,
Mike C

Red Pill Junkie said...

The interview reminded me of an Auctioneer contest for some reason :P

I kid. It was awesome. I have the highest respect for Grant, not only for all the work he's done in the field, but most importantly because he's willing to change the focus of his investigation, instead of being the typical one-trick pony you see in this field of the time.

Huge Kudos to you sir, for having the courage to be fluid and go where the evidence leads you.

Wouldn't in fact be great that David Lynch and Frank Herbert turn out to be right, and that the secret of space travel is a hallucinogenic drug like the spice melange, which allows the mind to 'fold space'?

The talk about orbs reminded me a lot about that incident included in Greg Bishop's Project Beta, when Bill Moore visits Paul at his home in Albuquerque, and he sees a little blue orb inside the house!

He touched the orb, and the light vanished as if it were the signal of an old TV set.

That idea that we are all part of a mission (in a small or bigger role) to further our search for the Truth got confirmed to me after attending Paradigm Symposium. I'm telling you guys, the air was charged with so much energy, I bet we could have been able to bend spoons with it!

I'm in total agreement with Grant: Consciousness is the next step to unravel this mystery, if only a bit more. Everybody has put on the task on hold, because it's so daunting. But we can't turns our backs on it any longer.

Besides, we now have such powerful tools of connectivity, that maybe this is the exact time to start taking that journey of a thousand miles.