Saturday, October 20, 2012

audio conversation with Chris Augustin

Chris Augustin presents at a UFO conference

This was just a static camera pointing at a guy at a podium, but I found his presentation incredibly engrossing. He covers a laundry list of strange experiences in a matter-of-fact way. I sought out Chris because of a youtube video (above). In this talk he states that he started researching the paranormal (including UFO abductions) when he was only 15 years old. I was impressed.

one-click audio download HERE
one hour and 50 minutes

Chris Augustin has a pragmatic and centered presence, and that's rare within this phenomenon. During this audio interview and we try to dig deep into his personal encounters with the unknown, and there is an obvious kinship with my own experiences.

He maintains a website called Aliens The Truth. This is a dense collection of reports, information and research on the UFO and other paranormal events.

I found Chris on facebook back on September 8th of this year. I was looking at some photos from a recent UFO conference in Maine. I saw his face on a few images, and I read the complimentary comments about his approach to the subject. So, I searched out his site, and found a link to this video. As I was watching the video I thought to myself, I need to friend this guy on facebook. Within minutes I checked my email to see that I had received a friend request from Chris himself! I feel like I can take synchronicities in stride, but this one was pretty cool.

Also, as noted in the audio: 
Chris mentions his hypnosis session with Maj. George Filer USAF. There is a recent youtube video where Filer shares his own UFO abduction experiences as a boy. The video is linked HERE.



Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the opportunity to speak at length about my experiences.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Another good conversation Mike.
I've been reading
Clifford A Pickover's book
"Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves",
and while I'm only halfway through it I guarantee that you will find this a fascinating read.
It's a non-fiction book that explores many of the things you write about here.
And while Cliff calls himself a skeptic,he means it more in terms of a fence sitting explorer than a true skeptic.
A must read.

radio-jack said...

you have rather amazing synchronicities.

Chris R said...

Mike another classy interview with a top flight guest. I appreciate the care and thought that goes into each interview. Listening to you and Chris chat was a treat and I enjoyed it from start to finish. Not that I dislike Grant Cameron but I appreciate the lesser known guests more-- it gives the listeners a more intimate look into the phenomena (whatever it may be).

Jacqueline Bradley said...

Great talk at the conference! I have not yet listened to the audio but will be doing so when time permits. Did you notice on the video that a little alien shape had formed on the curtains behind your head Chris?! I couldn't take my eyes off it throughout!

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Chris R:

Agreed - I get so much out of interviewing the lesser-known people. Especially about their first hand experiences.

I had always just sort of looked past Grant Cameron because my internal compass doesn't really seek out the stuff found in old archives and government paperwork.

It was his recent "epiphany" about consciousness and the UFO phenomenon that drew me to him. And - I was SO glad I managed to draw out his personal experiences.

Chris R said...

Chris will be on Joe Montaldo's show tomorrow (Wesnesday the 24th). I will be very interested to listen to that show and see how Joe frames that interview.

Red Pill Junkie said...

One can easily see that Chris is going places with his research. I will keep an eye on to check on new updates and interviews from him.

Chris at his young age seems to have followed the same path of many researchers back in the golden age of UFOlogy, like Ray Stanford and his brother for example.

I like how Chris' 1st experience was in 99. The same year The Matrix was out, baby!! :P

I also definitely agree that the contact with these beings might be so overwhelming to our human psyche, the mind can't 'digest' it all. So that's why I'm against the researchers who are SO certain the entities deliberately erase the memory of the abductees. Maybe it's frustrating for them as well! yet they might now that, if the experiencer is committed to find the Truth, this will unravel at the right time, and not a moment sooner.

That BTW reminds me of CastaƱeda's books, where there's also a lot of experiences that happened to Carlos in 'Nahual time' as it is described in his philosophy.

Having said that, I think that if you're really feeling that you are ready to take this next step in your journey Mike --the hypnosis regression that is-- may I only suggest you get yourself a hypnotherapist who is COMPLETELY neutral to the topic. Find someone open-minded enough, if you wish even give him a couple of books that he or she might learn a bit more, but try to avoid using someone who has a very definite stance on the abduction phenomenon.

Forget about the questions: what about the possibility of non-direct contamination? Yes, I'm talking about telepathy.

PS: When Chris mentioned the soundtrack of Queen of the Damned, I actually stopped the audio and went to Youtube to search for that song. Not the greatest lyrics in the world I'm afraid :P yet this phrase seems somewhat significant:

We're so cold