Wednesday, February 15, 2012

owls and sychronicity with Micah Hanks

Great Horned Owl

Micah Hanks invited me to talk about owls and synchronicity on his GRALIEN REPORT podcast. We both bat around the owl meme and what it might imply. I share a few of my owl experiences and Micah tries to interpret their meaning. We spoke for about 45 minutes, and that conversation is logged on the audio-file below.

one hour / 9 minutes

At the end of that excerpt, I add few more of my curious owl stories to the mix. This includes a mysterious real-life story titled Mac Tonnies, Anya Briggs and Owls.

A Great Gray Owl in full-camo.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Great talk Mike.
I can't wait to hear the audio conversation with Darryl Anka though.
I'll have to wait until I come home from work unfortunately.

Dale Triplett said...


Thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Micah, very compelling information and a delightful first introduction to your mind.

I've done a lot of research over the years on Osage tradition and cosmology, and they regarded the Gray owl as a medium to Wakonda (Mysterious Power that governs all things.) The very night itself is regarded by the Osage as one of the greatest of the mystic cosmic powers. They had the 'Great Evening Songs' that stated "To the people of the night I am going, To the people whose foreheads bear a mystic mark."

Every Osage war party had a sacred warrior who acted as a mediator between the warriors and the Mysterious Power; he would travel apart from the entire group during the day, and set his camp alone away from the others at night. During his nightly vigil he would listen for an answer to his daily supplications and if he heard the sounds of one of four creatures: the Gray Owl, Horned Owl, Gray wolf or snake - then he considered it to be a favorable answer to his request, and he would sing the "Little Evening Song": "Hark! I hear a voice in the evening gloom, Lo! It is the gray owl who speaks in the dark of evening. Lo! from the dark of the evening I am bidden to go, It is the gray owl who speaks, bidding me go. Lo! a man speaks, telling me of my success, 'Tis the gray owl who speaks to me, Amidst night's gloom he gives to me the word." (Songs of the Waxobe, Francis La Flesche).

I find it particularly compelling that the song equates the owl to a man - but there's so much more buried within Osage cosmology that is amazing and fascinating.

I anxiously look forward to following your blog.

Say 'hey' to that north country for me - I lived in Casper for many years, my daughter is still there. I find the Arizona desert suits me just fine these days, but I'll always consider the Big Horn's and Tetons as 'purt near close to Heaven'.

Sincere Regards,

A. Dale Triplett

Red Pill Junkie said...

The dream with the wolf that Micah shared during the interview was fascinating.