Wednesday, February 15, 2012

audio conversation with Darryl Anka

Darryl Anka, the voice of Bashar

Darryl Anka claims to have direct contact with a higher dimensional being who goes by the name of Bashar. This ability was set into motion by two close UFO sightings in 1973.

one hour / 25 minutes long

This stuff is easy to parody, but I take it seriously. It seems like I'm one of the few individuals that will acknowledge that channeled information is interwoven into the overall UFO phenomenon. There is an unmistakable pattern of people who claim the direct contact experience who will also say that they channel. I realize that I'll probably get some grief from this interview, but this stuff is part of the overall phenomenon, and I simply can't ignore that fact.

I have been researching a series of channelers, and I find that Bashar imparts some really fascinating material. I encourage you to ignore the funny voice, and listen to the content. Nobody can cringe more than me when I hear terms like vibrations and fifth density; that said, I think the core of what he says is really fascinating.

Here's a really good audio introduction to Bashar.

For more information, here is Darryl's website.


Below is a screen grab from the same video that is embedded above. When I was prepping for the interview I searched through a lot of youtube videos. This one had a real pull for me making it the obvious choice. It was after choosing it that I noticed the 1203 view count (that's an almost 123). I felt a need to dismiss this as any kind of synchronicity because the number wasn't perfect. Then I noticed the date, August 22nd 2011, my 49th birthday.

an "almost" 123 and my birthday


Lucretia Heart said...

Ha! Now I know why you emailed me!

Regarding what you said about how channeling seems to be a part of the UFO thing... I don't know how true that is. In the New Age movement, certainly people who channel often CLAIM to be contactees/experiencers but most of them I truly believe to be lying.

This isn't to say I don't think there is such a thing as a channeler. I used to hang out at conferences for both New Age stuff and UFOs from my late teens through my late 20s, and I did have a chance to sample a lot of this sort of thing from many different angles. The only people I KNEW were channeling had 5 things in common: 1) None of them called it 'channeling' 2) None of them charged money 3) All of them had profound changes I could SEE in their astral energy/aura 4) All of them channeled as a part of a spiritual ritual and 5) None of them used over-dramatic devices like speaking in a chant or holding their hands in a steeple pattern.

One of them was Nahili, the Shawnee medicine woman I worked with for a few years-- also an abductee. I saw her spontaneously channel a couple of times for a few minutes each and it was obvious she was really doing it. Even if you couldn't see her aura like I could, she produced her own "Oz effect" every time. Insects and birds stopped making noise. The hair on your body stood up and you felt the energy shift. Wind stopped or rain started. Electronics stopped. It got spooky QUICK. She was the real deal. Very similar things happened with the other channel I met who I know was real-- his name was Daniel.

Maybe some abductees/contactees are able to do this sort of thing short-term unintentionally from time to time. But no one could pull it up at will-- unless they were trained in ritual like Nahili and Daniel (who was also trained in Native American shamanism, come to think of it...)

So its not like I don't actually listen and consider each channeler I come across. I do. I just rarely find them to be the genuine article.

Anka's not that bad. I've seen worse. Trying to be entirely objective, and evaluating each piece of what he said in the intro about hybrids:

From what I understand, he's right about the hybrids being trained to live "down here", though many alien abduction researchers have been saying that for years as well. At least Anka's doing his homework!

He's wrong about the "eating energy" thing. Grey-human hybrids have been reported taking in nutrition through their skin, or -- when more human, with a special liquid diet. The ones that could pass here can eat most of what we do. (Some of this I've seen for myself.) No lightbulb would satisfy a one of them.

Many hybrids can do telepathy AND speech, but some have very odd-sounding voices.

The "no Greys in OUR reality" thing, implying he's speaking from the future-? I don't even know what to say on that count. Anything's possible.

I'm intrigued enough to listen to the interview tomorrow, though.

And no, I won't smash my computer! =^) Neither shall I rant and rave at you. No worries!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Now I have to admit that I'm not into channeling,but I do like this guy.
To me he feels genuine.I don't know if he is really channeling someone who claims to be be an entity called Bashar,or whether he is just tapping into his deep universal unconsciousness and that is in some way connecting with our own deep universal unconsciousness as well,to help us glimpse a universal truth,common to us all.
And it's interesting you mentioned Neil Donald Walsh in the channeling category,because
(while I have never read his books) I just see him as some guy having a conversation with God (like we all can,if we are a part of god),and not as a channeler.
I guess I can more readily believe in some guy chatting with matter how wrong his interpretation of God's message to him may be.Because deep down I believe I to could have,and do have conversations with what I believe to be God also.
But I can't imagine myself having a conversation with an entity named Bashar about the mysteries of life anymore than I could imagine myself having a conversation with the spirit of Albert Einstein about the same subject.
The trouble with channeling for me is that I don't know if I could trust someone called Bashar,but I do know I could trust a force calling itself God,if the message rang true for me.

This is a really good interview /conversation with Darryl and I would encourage everyone who regularly drops by this blog to have a listen too.No matter what you think of the channeling world.
It may not change your mind on the phenomena,but it might change that belly laugh into an unsettling,not quite so confident snicker.

Tim Brosnan said...

Speaking as a professional stage actor, I'll begin by paying tribute to Mr. Anka's bodacious improvisational chops. Sadly, my gut tells me that he and his alter ego are much more creatures of the lecture hall than of the liminal realm.

Mike Clelland! said...

I am glad people are listening and commenting. I found Darryl Anka to be very straightforward and clear thinking. I thought his definition f sychronicity was perhaps the clearest and most practical I had ever heard.

As far as him being a hoaxer, I doubt that.

Whatever the source might be, i believe he is being honest in his answers. The "source" itself may be lying or deceiving for unknown reasons.

And - that source might be his own inner-mind.

I know Kim Carlsberg, and she is quite close to Darryl, and has known him for over 20 years. She trusts him, and that means a lot to me.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I admit that my first reaction when listening to the interview, and then watching the clip, was thinking of the movie Good Morning Vietnam --with Darryl being Dan Levitan, and Bashar playing the part of Adrian Cronauer ;)

But I really enjoyed this interview. Darryl is definitely an intelligent individual, so you're right that dismissing him beforehand would be a mistake.

With all this interest in channeling, there's a question you probably know I need to make --and no doubt it's also in the minds of many followers of this blog:

Do you see yourself trying to do something like that in the future?

PS: Whoa! what's up with the off-planet children? you'd never mentioned it before.

Mike Clelland! said...

Oh the off-planet kids thing. Anya Briggs told me as much in a psychic session. Not sure what to make of that.

I will add that almost EVERY woman who tells of UFO contact will also tell of false pregnancies in a way that seems very curious.

Mike C

Red Pill Junkie said...

You left my 1st question unanswered ;)

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPJ:
Well. Anya Briggs said I would start channeling if I simply meditated for 15 minutes a day. Within a few months, I'd be channeling. Thats what she says, but - well, i'm too lazy to meditate.

Mike C!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, don't think of 'meditation' as sitting in a Lotus position with and incense burner and CD of Hindu music playing on your stereo :P

You are already familiar with a meditative-like state of mind, you know --the way you put your mind at ease when you're drawing or inking an illustration.

So, how about trying to do something like that? using a white sheet of paper, and starting to draw the first thing that comes to your mind; even if they are only senseless doodles.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I've heard of Automatic Writing RPJ,but not Automatic Doodling...but doodling would be a more perfect medium than writing,when you think about it...or in this case,when you don't think about it.-)

Raj said...

Mike and Friends,

I've had an experience of automatic writing that could be termed channeling if one were so inclined. It was back in 2007 after a year-long Ouija board experiment.

I was told through messages on the ouija to just sit with my laptop and tune into the energies around me. I did, and Bam! Stuff just started pouring out of me. I wrote over a hundred thousand words in under a week. And the whole thing was just so damn intense and fast - to the point that I couldn't even follow it.

Now, I'm not a great typist, and not an easy touch typist by any means, but typing during that experience was unlike anything I'd experienced before. My hands were flying at the keys. At times I had to stop and take a breather, and to read what the hell I'd just written. It was cool and exciting on the one hand, but on the other it freaked me the hell out. Also, the automatic writing was more grammatically correct and better spelled than my own off-the-cuff writing.

I guess the main difference between my experience and others I've read about is I do believe I was tapping into some primal and powerful part of my own consciousness, that seemed to be able to act semi-independetly of my conscious awareness.

Just thought that might be worth sharing.


Timo said...

I have listened to Darryl Anka channeling Bashar (not literally his name, just what Darryl calls him) for a couple of decades now. I only met Darryl in person on my birthday back in 2001 I believe it was. It is fun when scholars as questions and make statements and then hear Bashar respond.

Even University professors are in awe of the depth in knowledge shared, especially when it allows them to be in the student role for awhile. There are a lot of silly people who make up silly rules as to what proves this is a valid transaction, yet Bashar does not insist we believe any of the sharing as valid.

Any fool can prove it isn't valid by not testing it in their own life. However, if we can take what is shared and it enriches our lives, that is valid enough for me, no matter what the premise it is shared under.

This information, when taken as a "nice philosophy" and transformed into actual "mechanics of life" has always had a wonderful effect on me in my life!


Anonymous said...

There is at least one person that I'm certain is channeling and that is Jane Roberts. The Seth material is profound.

Anonymous said...

People dismiss this so easily, so confident in reasons why it can't be true. Ironically, their confidence in this is what keeps it from being true for them.
The speed with which he answers, and the depth of answers he gives without hesitation is fascinating.
Even if he was full of shit, he would be a cognitive behavioral genius.

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes - I agree with what the comment above. Well said...

Anonymous said...

So true. I've never seen him flinch.