Thursday, October 20, 2011

rectangular UFO and odd memory problems

Reference drawn by the witness of a 40 to 60-yard-long, rectangular-shaped object floating silently less than 600 feet off the ground.

There was an extremely curious UFO sighting on Oct 16th in Oregon. The witness and his daughter both claim "strange memory" problems after watching an oddly shaped rectangle object while driving in their car. The report is fascinating, linked HERE.

I am struck by it's similarity to a recent post on UFO's shaped like buildings (see below), linked HERE.

Illustration of a flying object seen in England by three people for approximately 20 minutes


Red Pill Junkie said...

Pretty interesting case.

That thing almost looks like an arrow. I wonder where it was pointing to...

Anonymous said...

The amnesia is interesting. The mother and daughter found it more difficult to remember the details of the CE, as the hours passed by. [Like a dream where you wake up and it's fresh in your mind. If you don't journal it, after a few hours you barely remember.]

Also I thought it was interesting that one of the online newspaper reports has a commentary section where some people wrote in to report they saw the same object (from different vantage points).

~ Susan