Thursday, September 8, 2011

UFOs shaped like buildings

I just read a very strange article. Researcher Chris Holly has collected reports of UFOs shaped like buildings. A bit of Forteian weirdness that leaves me perplexed. A series of five eeirie UFO sightings, all shaped like buildings. This is a very good article, with a few photos and a drawing too.

This fascinating post is linked HERE.

Illustration of a flying object seen in England by three people for approx. 20 minutes

Excerpt from the article:
This craft was amazing an L-shaped building complete with balconies at the rear (three of them). Below the balconies were two mesh dishes shaped similar to Butterfly wings. These were pulsing a blue/purple light and seemed to be propelling the craft.

Underside we saw three white lights with huge pipes between them. There were two lights at the rear and one light at the front. Also every straight edge was like a fluorescent tube. The craft looked as if constructed of concrete with a yellow appearance.

This craft emitted a heavy electrical humming noise as it passed over about fifty feet in the air. The building was about 6 stories high and moving along at about 50 miles per hour at top speed.


Brian C. Short said...

Interesting, because last night I had a dream about a small group of "my people" following a boxlike flying craft on a mini-"exodus" across the suburban landscape where I grew up.

At first, I couldn't remember anything of the dream, only the word "C-pak", which I wrote down. This immediately triggered the whole memory of the dream, although this strangely angular and technical-seeming acronym had nothing to do with the dream's content. Later on, I realized that CPAK is the name of a conference in Sedona later this month, which I'd heard of but had no plans to attend.

Red Pill Junkie said...

This kinda reminds me the movie 'Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind'. In the documentary accompanying the DVD Spielberg explains how the early concepts of the UFOs were shaped like big-brand popular logos —Mc'Donalds, Shell, etc— because he wanted to explore the idea that aliens would want to communicate with us using our own cultural symbols. Thankfully this idea was discarded very early on in the production ;)

@Brian: are you going to the Cpak conference now, after your dream?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I knew a woman who had a strange experience that involved a "town" off a highway where the buildings were all a little odd-- she thought they were having some festival or something. Then she had an involved abduction experience. Later, after she returned to the area to show someone where it all happened so she could point out the strange buildings-- she found no buildings, just empty decaying parking lot where some industrial factories had once been.

Makes ya wonder-- did the buildings all fly away?

Brian C. Short said...

@RedPill – You'd maybe think a sign like this would be a clear inducement to go, but I'm not. Bad timing.

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of the Star Trek Borg vessels.

~ Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi my husband and I saw one hovering over our horse paddocks. Looked like a single story block of flats with directional lights on top. Absolute silence. Felt very calm and benevolent. We watched for may be 20 seconds. My husband went to fetch binoculars and it faded away in his absence. We guessed maybe 40 metres long, approx half a kilometre in the sky. We felt very blessed and excited to witness such a thing.