Sunday, October 9, 2011

DMT and the realms beyond our human experience

"I was gone for 15 minutes, a thousand years of experience in 15 minutes! Well, to say the least - it was profound!"

This is an 11 minute clip from a documentary on DMT and it's profound effects on the person experiencing it's psychadelic power. I am posting this as an interesting addition to the UFO abduction videos (above), as a way to try and wrap my own mind around the muti-dimmensional claims of some abduction reports.

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jephoto said...

I have experienced this hum and the incredible head and sinus pressure, but without taking DMT.

In fact the sinus pressure is common in almost all my "contact experiences". Is there some sort of inner ear, sinus, pineal gland, natural DMT, kundalini link. Many have suggested as much. Hopefully studies will enlighten us in the future.