Thursday, October 20, 2011

audio conversation with Fred Burks

Hard worker.

Fred Burks is a very dedicated researcher who is trying to make known horrors of mind control. He has been working hard to share reliable verifiable information on this challenging subject. He has a web-site called WANT TO KNOW, where he has been cataloging a wealth of substantiated documentation.

One-click audio down-load HERE.
one hour / 39 minutes

The focus of our conversation was mind control and how it seems to overlap with divergent topics. We went into the deep waters, and looked at UFOs, alternate realms, time travel, 2012, occult rituals, Dr. Steven Greer and Luciferian agendas. Somehow, these concepts are interwoven int the claims of the people who report trauma based mind-control.

Fred is quite the fascinating fellow, he was a an insider at the state department and worked as a translator for the department of state speaking Indonesian. He spent time in high level meetings translating for Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., Condolisa Rice and Dick Cheney. He left his job after going public with some of the dirty deeds of the Bush administration after 9/11.

Fred references a link on his site, DEEP INSIDER REVEALS ALL, and the text is the link.

Here's an excellent audio interview that also gives some good insights into Fred and his life, both professionally and spiritually. And here's a good video where Fred tells about his role as a whistle blower (12 minutes long).

And, here's another of his web-sites, one with a focus on spiritual evolution titled TRANSFORMATION TEAM.

And more - This interview with Fred had it's own funny synchronicity, linked HERE.

Here's a really great video presentation where Fred gives a good introduction to the Mind control issues. Plus, he tells about his role as a government whistle blower in a post 9/11 world. One hour, 40 minutes long.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Mike, I have to thank you for introducing me to Fred's ideas. You're right, he's a fascinating guy.

I'm still at a loss when it comes to the claims about secret societies using mind-control techniques, though. I started to be more open to all this after reading Vallee's Messengers of Deception. He came to the conclusion that, just like in the UFO phenomenon, the esoteric stuff shrouding these groups is the perfect absurd camouflage that would divert the attention of authorities and academics.

I'm also very skeptical about that 'insider' that was involved with the ATS forums. For starters, I remember that he made a prediction that didn't come to pass. Frankly, I believe this was nothing but a troll having fun with the forum members. That doesn't mean some of the stuff he disclosed couldn't be plausible --that's what made what he had to say so interesting :)

All in all, I believe Frank is right on the money with the concept that UFOs are part of a larger spectrum of reality that we are often unable to perceive. These phenomena are experienced under altered states of consciousness, something the ETHers are always crashing on like a brick wall.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPG:

I am at a loss to fully understand these claims. That said, I've spoken to individuals (who I trust) and I feel they are telling me something beyond what I can easily comprehend.

I haven't read the "insider" text from ATS, so I'll hold off commenting until I do.

I am VERY cautious to fully trust "insider" info. Who knows the agenda they might be trying to push.

The reason I asked Fred to come on this show was because of a private conversation I had at a UFO conference over a year ago. I liked him. During that time, I've had a few odd and synchronistic meetings with people who claim the mind control thing, and it's weirder than I can wrap my mind around.

There is another layer to this, I just can't articulate what it might mean...

Mike C!

Red Pill Junkie said...

TDG guest blogger Gary Lachman recently posted a text entitled 'Secret Societies'. Not only it is a fascinating compendium of the history of esoteric lore and how the myths of hidden masters have shaped events throughout the world --even if they may be nothing but fiction-- but there are a couple of things that seem relevant to the issues discussed at Hidden Experience.

For instance:

"The candidate for initiation is a man or woman who is ready to change, to be transformed, to become someone different. If it is not a mere parroting of ritual, an initiation ceremony should have a serious effect upon the candidate. He or she should be a different person afterwards. Rebirth and regeneration are the signs that the initiation has been successful. This is usually achieved through some ordeal. Death and violence are never far from an initiation. As the esoteric historian Manly P. Hall tells us, “many of the great minds of antiquity were initiated into secret fraternities by strange and mysterious rites, some of which were extremely cruel.”"

Should we not consider then to view the abduction phenomenon as an event that has less to do with medical experiments performed by obtuse space scientists, and more with an initiatic ritual intended to alter the consciousness of the unwilling (or willing?) candidate?

Or how about this:

"To some, the secret knowledge comes in a flash, a sudden overwhelming revelation, like a lightning bolt of insight from the divine. So did the Universal Mind speak to the ancient sage Hermes Trismegistus, when it revealed to him the truth that man is a microcosm, a “little universe,” whose mind itself contains the galaxies and planets. So too did this cosmic consciousness come to others. Staring at the sunlight reflected from a pewter dish, the 17th century cobbler Jacob Boehme was suddenly privy to the “signatures of things”: their inmost essence was revealed to him and he gaze upon their true being. On 14 December 1914 the Lithuanian poet and diplomat O.V. de Lubicz Milosz had a mystical experience in which he rocketed through space carried along by a flying mountain, toward “nebulous regions silent and streaked by immense flashes of lightning.” A gigantic red egg hurtled toward him and was then transformed into a glowing “spiritual sun” which looked deeply into his eyes and revealed to him secrets of space and time."

A sudden flash. Sounds familiar, Mike?

It might be overtly presumptuous of me, but sometimes I get the feeling that the Fortean blogosphere has turned into a 'secret society' of sorts. A fraternity of individuals bonded through the blessings of technology by their hunger for knowledge and understanding.

And who knows? maybe this blessing was a gift from Heaven. As Chris Knowles speculates:

"Maybe [the saucer crashes] were staged to kickstart humanity's stagnant communications technology in order to wake up some of those sleeping Neo's out there and get them ready for some pivotal event in our near future."

Amen!! :)