Wednesday, October 19, 2011

12345 sych! (well, almost)

Ooooh, so close!

I am editing the audio for an interview I just did with researcher Fred Burks. We are focused mostly on mind control, but our conversation roams to other topics as well. During the editing I had an issue that I couldn't solve, so I called apple support, I spent some time on hold and when the service person came on the phone I paused the audio.

Now, anyone who's followed this blog knows that the number 123 shows up in my life in odd ways, but I am WAY more intrigued when it's the number 12345.

So, the paused time count read 01:23:44.984, and that is ridiculously close to being a very tidy 12345. Below is the audio text, with the time count noted:

FRED: What many of these people are being lead to believe is there is going to be some great harvest on 2012.


MIKE: Yep, I've heard that too...

FRED: Where all the good people are going to be taken off to another dimension ad all the bad people are going to be sent off to live of another cycle of incarnation to learn that it's about love, and I don't buy into that.

So, the number (or the almost number) 12345 coincides exactly with the spoken word: "2012" - whatever that means. Chris Knowles says to keep a synchronicity log, and I've taken his advice to heart, and I'm documenting 'em right here in this blog.

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