Sunday, August 7, 2011

Radio Mysterioso interview

Greg Bishop just posted an interview we did on March 7th of 2010, it's on his RADIO MYSERIOSO site.

My memory of those two hours were a blur, but I did remember that at the end Greg thanked me and said: "This was one of the most fun interviews I've done in a long while."

We started out with a report from and commentary on the Laughlin UFO conference. I had just returned from the 2010 meeting with a mixed bag of impressions and memories. While at the conference, I attended an abductee support meeting, which gets described in detail.

We also spoke about conversations with our late friend Mac Tonnies. His analogy of a cat chasing a laser pointer and the comparison of humans seeing UFOs occupied us for a good while. This led to a conversation about Mac’s last book The Cryptoterrestrials and how it might affect UFO research.

We went on to talk about the experience of the paranormal and how it changes lives.

Direct link to the interview HERE.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I found the podcast on Greg's site and downloaded it to my iPod so I could listen it while going it with my bike.

I'm still listening, as I went to check out some of my other regular Internet visits, I found this on the Design webpage I visit every day.

Greg said...

I guess you didn't mind that I used the image from your blog! Thanks again for the stimulating talk. Some good ideas were kicked around. Let's do another soon.