Sunday, July 31, 2011

I updated my Mac operating system

Off-world computer generated effects, at the click of a mouse.

I just upgraded to Lion, and that's the latest operating system for my humble Mac. There is a program called PHOTO-BOOTH, and it has a handful of funny effects. You can choose things like sepia tone and X-Ray. But I was surprised to find that there is an effect called SPACE ALIEN. There seems to be embedded software that automatically makes the eyes bigger and changes the shape of the head to match the cover of Communion.

A while ago I would have hinted that the alien meme was seeping into our pop culture But now it's saturating it. I suspect the Reptilian overlords used back engineered technology from Roswell to create this odd effect.

Oh how the world desperately needs Mac Tonnies to chime in on this.

Also, compare the image (on the right) to an image I drew in October of '09, linked HERE. And while you're at it, don't you this space alien looks suspiciously like Masha Tyelna (well, sorta) from just a few posts down.


LesleyinNM said...

I need to upgrade. Finally bought Snow Leopard about a month ago, but then realized I was missing two updates prior to that and couldn't use it. Can't quite find them on the Apple site, easier to take it in, but so far have not done that. Love photo booth and I think Mac would too! :-)

Red Pill Junkie said...

AAAaaaaaaaAAAAAArghhh!!!! Please, spare me alien overlord!


Red Pill Junkie said...

PS. Experienced something of a synchronicity yesterday due to your 'alienated' mug. I was returning from the office at about 4 pm (I was feeling kinda sick so I asked to leave early) and I was thinking about your 'alien face image', and how maybe I should have teased you a bit with some Youtube clip of Megamind —hey, you gotta admit, there's something of an uncanny resemblance there... if you had a goatee... and blue skin ;)— when suddenly I noticed a trailer going to the opposite direction of where I was heading, and in the box of the trailer there was the usual Alien face symbol, accompanied with the text "Alien Transport" (Transportes Alien).

I felt it was kind of weird and cool, so I thought I should share with y'all :)

Anonymous said...


Nice. =^)