Monday, July 18, 2011

interview with Dr. John Mack (in a link)

There is a woman contactee and blogger, pen-named Lucretia Heart who took a long interview with John Mack and then interjected her own set of personal insights throughout the diolog. As always, Dr. Mack is fascinating, and her additional comments add to the wierd intensity of the topic.

This interview is posted HERE, on Lucretia's blog, a site set up specificaly to catalog her paranormal experiences.

This is a long post and I'm at a loss to truly know if the conclutions are accurate, but the content and insights are riveting.

She also included a few images Masha Tyelna, with overt implications about her weird trans-genic appearence. Something that both Mac Tonnies and Christopher Knowles have commented on, for obvious reasons. Even I posted about it in the first few weeks of my own blog (see HERE).

Mere mortal or alien human hybrid?

And, for an audio interview with Lucretia Heart, (one of my best I've ever done) click HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I came across the interview with John Mack and couldn't resist commenting upon it.

Also, thanks for the compliment regarding my interview with you. I'll do it again sometime, sans caffeine! =^)