Tuesday, March 22, 2011

powerful blog post on LUMINOSITY

Bronze statue of Minerva with a rather cute owl

Dan Mitchell posted a profoundly intense essay early this morning. Below is a short excerpt from the fascinating post.

"Within moments of looking at this light I found myself no longer standing in my backyard, but in a large open room. Whether I was taken on board some kind of aerial craft, I cannot say for certain. What I will say is that the experience at this point became more real than my own waking conscious is capable of perceiving even on my sharpest days. In other words, I was more conscious than I normally am, and I was in a room that had clearer and sharper angles than anything I had ever seen in my life.

It was almost as if I had left the human sphere entirely and entered into a place that was more real than this world. I felt unimaginably well although I felt puzzled at the same time. This part of the experience leads me to believe I was neither in or out of body, which really makes no sense."

This post was preceded with a premonition post, on the eve of the Super Moon. That essay included a statue of Minerva, goddess of wisdom and magic, with her ever-present owl companion.
The events shared in this post absolutly amazed me. As I was reading, I felt totally compelled to record it as an audio essay. So I did.

  One-click download HERE.  
27 minutes long
Also - The Romans celebrated Minerva in a festival from March 19 to March 23.

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Brizdaz said...

I don't know whether you read my post "My Cat Sylvester ( R.I P.) and Memories (CATS) of the Future and the Past ?"


It was basically a reply to your post on the movie "Cat People".

The synchronistic thing about your above post is that the photo I took of my cat "Sylvester" was taken in my backyard,in the house I rented on MINERVA street.


...which BTW,is the only place that I have spotted an owl in the wild,even though it was at night, and I only got to see it's eyes and outline of it while it was perched in a tree.