Saturday, January 22, 2011

the creative process (and inspiration)

First RUFF / color study for comic book idea. Double click for a HI-rez image.

Mac Tonnies spoke to me on 1-11-11. This communication was straightforward and succinct, albeit indirect. I heard his strong clear voice telling me (very nicely) to get off my sorry ass and produce a graphic novel.

This creative prodding came thru in a recent essay, it was a heartfelt piece about Mac Tonnies, synchronicity, the creative process and life. The article was published in The Atlantic by a friend of Mac's named Rita J. King.

The same day I read her piece, I sat at the desk, and began drawing and writing. I've had a fictional story brewing in my the recesses of my head for about a year, and as of now, the pen and paper have met. I'm posting this rough illustration as an overt way to publicly announcing my intention. I feel like I know my own work habits, and by declaring this stuff here, I'm a lot less likely to let this project slip away and never get done.

Thank you Rita and Mac!

Another image as color study and overall style, added 3/31/2011


Natascha said...

I love you and what you're doing.

Mike Clelland! said...

Here's inspiring the quote from Rita's article:

Shortly before his death, Mac asked to see part of my novel. I braced myself for the fact that the excessive planning might have changed my prose and that Mac would no doubt point this out. Instead, he told me he loved it and that I should get serious about finishing it.

"I don't have time," I said.

"Find the time," he replied.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I'm already looking forward to it.

Mike Clelland! said...

Here's a part of an email I just received from Mac's mother in responce to this post:

Mike, thank you for sharing these thoughts.

If Mac was in any way responsible for you beginning your graphic novel in earnest, that makes me happy. I know how hard it is for creative people to harness their thoughts and stay focused on a project. Keep us informed on your progress.

Mac was also interested in synchronicity and I have begun paying more attention to it myself. You know, I've never noticed that winged shadow on his cheek---I prefer to agree w/ one of your readers that it is an angel.

I too loved reading Rita's essay for The Atlantic. Do you know in what issue it will appear? Was it a letter to the editor? I am currently reading Mac's twitter messages and I happened on a poignant tweet, "No smell is quite as enigmatically blissful as the smoke from a blown out candle."

There were so many things Mac wanted to do and places he wanted to see and people I wish he had time to meet. You were certainly in the top5!!!


Christopher Knowles said...

Looks awesome.

Brizdaz said...

I think it's a great idea,Mike.
I was going to suggest that you should do something like this,after seeing how talented you were in the drawing department.
Put me down for a copy when it's ready...and like RPJ it from the heart/gut.

Nothing like ART from the HEART .-)

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous, Mike. It just feels right.

Thank you for posting that section of e-mail from Mac's mother. It's very touching.