Saturday, December 18, 2010

audio conversation with Marla Frees

Two days ago I was cross country skiing alone in the Wyoming backcountry. There is a lovely trail that culminates on a very lovely mountaintop (called Windy Ridge), and I was racing against early darkness at this latitude in winter. I had my iPod and it was set on shuffle.

During the final chords of a loud punk rock song (good for skiing fast) I thought to myself:

"Hey, I should post that audio interview with Marla Frees, that was really good. Why haven't I thought of that before?"

This came in the form of a nice thought, something I've written about in previous posts. And, within seconds, the song ended and your voice came on, it was the same interview. It was a very magical moment; I didn't even know it was on the iPod. I recently updated some music, and I guess it loaded all the interview files I had stored on my computer. I was really impressed with our conversation, it was breezy and without any pretensions or nervousness.

I listened to the entire interview (taking me to the top of the mountain) and then I skied through perfect powder snow (with gravity helping) down to my car.

One-click audio download HERE.
One hour and 3 minutes

The conversation with Marla was recorded in April of 2010. The reason I contacted her was for me to make sense of some of my own life events, most particularly about the October of '09, and the synchronistic whirlwind that defined that month. Marla and I did a proper psychic session on Sunday October 4th of 2009 (Hey, I just noticed that's 10-4, a synchro-phrase for affirmative) and that session came at a VERY pivotal moment in my life. Please believe me when I say that Marla has VERY powerful psychic skills, and our initial meeting was astonishingly prescient.

I used about 15 minutes of edited excerpts from this audio file as part of a very ambitious podcast where I go on and on about the weird intensity of my personal experiences during October of last year. I'll add that I saw two owls on two separate nights during the editing of this deeply personal podcast, and I can't help but read something important into those curious owl sightings.

One valuable lesson learned is that one should NOT use the term "Flaky new age weirdness" when conversing with Marla, even with the overt use of air quotes!

I encourage you to visit Marla's website and her blog. She is also does interviews for Whitley Strieber's DREAMLAND.


Red Pill Junkie said...

2 pressing questions:

*the name of the punk rock song you were listening while skiing.

*the name of your kitteh!


Mike Clelland! said...

Sadly, I can't remember the punk rock song. I have a lot of them on my iPod.

The kitten's name is Jackie, and she's in my lap as I type this.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPG:

I think the song was TV-Eye by the Stooges.


Mike Clelland! said...

A curious point of note.

Marla was referring to my isolation as "locking myself away up on that mountain."

During the MP3 I make a point and chiming in and saying that metaphor wasn't quite right. I live in a small cabin in a valley, and I am prone to playing the role of the hermit.

But, during the intro I tell of skiing up to a "mountain top" and listening to Marla's interview as I cross country skied up toward the summit.

As a backcountry skier skilled at slang, you wouldn't say "mountain top" you would instead say "summit" but I used a term that would be easily understood by non-ski-bums.

A tiny detail, that I only noticed after the interview was posted.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Good song! Very guttural :)

There's definitely a connection between you and that mountain. Looking at your history, it seems that there have been several forces at play to allow you to be in "communion" with it.

Don Juan would say the mountain is your "place of power".

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Another good interview,Mike.
Here's a sync I just noticed.
After listening to Marla's interview,I looked up her acting credits and found out she was in "K9-11" the sequel to "K-9".
Interesting,since in Jake Kotze's interview he talks about K2 and 911,and K9-11 is just really k9-2, so you have K2 and 911 combined in one title.Plus,didn't he mention the Dog-star Sirius (or the K9 Star)and Marla STARed in K9-11 which is a movie about a DOG who is the STAR .
Another mysterious pop-culture sync,maybe?