Saturday, November 27, 2010

audio conversation with Jake Kotze


I love the term Synchromysticism, it was coined by the young enigmatic film-maker Jake Kotze. From his home in Winnipeg Manitoba, he has creating a series of delightful videos that attempt to define an elusive force that is welling up all around us.

Pop culture is easily dismissed as trite and vapid, and it can be dismissed by those searching for deep metaphysical answers. But hidden within the soup of our mundane movies and TV shows is a path to the divine.

We dig deep into psychedelics, interacting with aliens, crop-circles and transformative experiences all interwoven with synchronicities.

One click download HERE
1 hour / 35 minutes long.

Posted here are a few of Jake's short and mysterious videos. On one level they might seem sort of silly and clever for clever's sake, but on another level (at least for me) they resonate as something deeply profound.

Found media video as a pioneering form of communication.

Jake’s videos on vimeo. Jake’s video’s on YouTube. Jake’s blog, The Blob. Jake’s written blog posts at the SynchHole.

TEXT added Oct. 23, 2011:
Here is a LINK to a really great interview with Jake done by the late Kent Daniel Bentkowski on his site The Kentroversy Tapes. This was recorded Oct. 22nd, 2007, four years and a day from today.


The Secret Sun said...

Very cool chat, guys. Gives a new insight into Jake's philosophy.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Ooh! I do like how Jake's mind works.

It reminded me on some of the things Philip K. Dick believed --that messages from God could be found in the trash; and now I guess he would completely agree with Jake, that messages from God could be found in pop culture references.

...Which should also serve us as a cautionary tale, since Dick died from a stroke the day he felt he found a very relevant information concerning the story of Maitreya! ;)

PS: And of course, Dick's dead happened to coincide with the very same year Jake was born (1982) so there you go :-P

Quanta said...

Paraphrasing Jake Kotze from your interview: "What you're noticing is a higher consciousness [of an ET perhaps] that somehow has embedded clues in all the media that you're involved with... something orchestrated by something other than yourself." Your experiences and mine validate Jake's interpretation. A bit more about mine are detailed in my article The Cosmos 'Neither Declares Nor Conceals,' but after rereading it, I understand my need to explore on a deeper level the mechanism of synchronicity - and thus I'm now happily working on a new article, thanks to you (yet again).

In the interview, what really got the wheels turning for me is Jake's reference to psychedelics. The experience of reality being "shattered into a billion pieces" is really the experience of non-locality, which allows us to see the forest and not just the trees, i.e., we can be the fully-detailed cosmic hologram, and not just a scruffy bit of it. LSD, psilocybin, and DMT, among other psychedelics, aren't necessarily simple hallucinogens. I've long suspected that their function (or one of their functions) is to open interdimensional doorways or in some way facilitate the perception of alternate realities that are always or sometimes present but generally unobserved by modern human senses.

Toward the end of the interview, you and Jake reflect upon the depth of critical thinking that seems to be a big part of experiencers' lives: you mention a fascination with words and anagrams, etc., and Jake goes on to talk about how people want to categorise things "to make them more understandable," but that that's "not how reality is." This observation of duality (as in ego-driven concrete thought) and non-duality (as in broader and more abstract ways of processing conscious reality, such as that seen in poetry, as Jake mentions), implies that radical de-compartmentalisation, as in true immersion in the gestalt of experience and/or consciousness, illuminates the implicate nature of synchronicity and thereby brings forth our experience of it.

A virtual demolition of the ego seems to me to be a connecting thread, so to speak, among the agreed-upon factors in the experience of synchronicity. The ego can fall away during shamanic trance brought about by meditative or entheogenic practise; the ego can likewise dissimilate when one is in the throes of ecstacy or pain brought on by love or death of a loved one - or even perhaps by some extraordinary emotion tied to what we may call "supernatural" experience; the ego may practically vanish during abstract thought, as when contemplating the holographic nature of reality instead of focussing on the ordinary, physical distractions of "life as we know it." What I'm trying to get at, through this somewhat rambling and disjointed comment, is that it seems to me that when we experience integration with the cosmic totality, by whatever means, the more crisp, clear, and frequent the synchronicities become.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That was my favourite audio interview,so far.I'm sure I'll listen to it again at a later date.
I've been a fan of Jake's for a couple of years and also Steve Willner and Jordan Maxwell.
I noticed there is an Akun Island off the coast of Alaska.
I wonder if there is any connection with the A.K.U.N mentioned in Jake's dream?

Be great if you could interview Steve and/or Jordan.-)

Cheers / Darren

Brizdaz (Darren) said... of Kurt Russell's next movie's is "Waco" (2011)
A retelling of the 1993 stand-off between the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidian cult in Waco, Texas.

He plays FBI negotiator BYRON Sage.

another movie of his coming soon is
Undying (2011).
A lone P.I. recruited by a mysterious beauty soon finds himself immersed in a surreal underworld.He plays a character named Virgil Lone.

Two more for Jake to look into.-)