Friday, October 8, 2010

questions about disclosure

Before doing the audio interview with Richard Dolan I created a series of questions. As the list got longer, I realized that these were less directed at Rich, and instead a way for me to deal with the confusing issues that have arisen as I dig deeper into this subject. These questions were a way for me to help me wrap my mind around the elusive and ephemeral concepts.

I am so disappointed with this exo-political community that is pleading for Disclosure. I worry they have not adequately addressed some of the challenging issues that are implied in these questions. This document was created in a sort of flurry, it was simply a tool to help me deal with my personal exploration. Some stuff gets repeated, there are typos and it’s not really all that well thought out. But, the core content of the quandary as I see it is there.

I’ve shared these 17 questions (in no particular order) because I feel that that trying to articulate these elusive ideas is really important - at least to me.


Red Pill Junkie said...

What an enjoyable conversation. Richard is Da Man!

His books are something of a chore to tackle, I must admit, but they are something every person who has a genuine interest into this phenomenon should feel obliged to get acquainted with.

This new book looks like another must-read; I'm really intrigued how he and his partner constructed their arguments for their hypothetical scenarios. Not because I think he'll be spot-on to predicting the future, but because the value of his book will be found (hopefully) in encouraging the promotion of this long-needed conversation —outside our little UFOlogy clique, I mean.

Regarding Disclosure itself... who knows, man! Sometimes I think that it would be easier in a post USA-dominated world to tackle the issue of disclosure. Just look at all those UFO sightings over Chinese airports; using the same basic argument that discards the notion that the Apollo 11 mission was a hoax —in that nothing would have pleased the Russians more, than to present the Americans as liars and frauds— one feels eager to conclude China would have less problems into being the first superpower to acknowledge the UFO reality —and making fools of Americans in the process!

But then again, China isn't exactly the MOST open of nations —case in point: the treatment given to the latest Nobel prize winner and his wife— so in that case my hopes are placed on Brazil ;)

One thing I would like to ask Richard, as another exercise in speculation, is what would have happened *if* the United States had openly accepted the UFO phenomenon in the late 1940s? how different would the history of the modern era have turned? would there have been a Vietnam war, for example?

(This of course, implying that the UFO phenomenon would have kept performing within its "normal" antics of trickery appearances and maneuvers)

Anonymous said...

I haven't finished your conversation with Richard Dolan yet, but I wanted to comment on your questions separately.

They are shockingly incisive.

I am particularly fond of 12 and 15 for highlighting what kind of "relationship" we could have with beings that quite literally seem to alter our reality around them. I am equally fond of 17 for not under estimating the capacity of our power structure to put transformative events back into a box they can use for their advantage.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...


"nothing would have pleased the Russians more, than to present the Americans as liars and frauds"

I don't know if you've read
"Dark Moon" or have seen the movie "What Happened on the Moon? - An Investigation Into Apollo".
But according to these sources,the Russians weren't to bad at the "liars and frauds" game either,and looks like they may have started it,although it looks like the Americans may have mastered it.

Red Pill Junkie said...

@ Brizdaz,

Haven't seen that movie, nor read that book, mate. However it's very interesting to note that Michael Bay named the next Transformers movie as "Dark of the Moon". And if you've seen the trailer, it seems Bay has been visited Richard Hoagland's site more than a few times ;)