Saturday, October 9, 2010

audio conversation with Richard Dolan

No, that's not a publicity photo from ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, that's Bryce Zabel and Richard Dolan, co-authors of A.D. After Disclosure.

If you’ve found your way to this blog, you're probably quite aware of Richard Dolan. He is the author of two great big books, volumes one and two in a series, entitled UFOs and the National Security State. And very shortly there will be a third book on the shelves titled A.D. AFTER DISCLOSURE, The People’s Guide to Life After Contact.

Richard worked with co-author Bryce Zabel, and the content is a speculative look at what seems to be the inevitable event that will change everything, the admission by the big boys in power that, yes, the UFO phenominon is real. It's a bold undertaking to try and speculate about what the future will hold. But, they’ve created an impressive work that makes for a sort of road-map of challenges and hurdles.

Their website for A.D. features excerpts from the book, as well as a series of follow up essays. Rich also has a site called Keyhole Publishing, this serves as the homepage for his other two self published books on the history of the modern UFO age.

To hear Bryce Zabel talking about the same book, here he is on the OPEN MINDS podcast.

Rich has done oodles of interviews over the years, and they are easily searched out on the internet. He recently spoke with Tim Binnall on Binnall of America, and that’s linked HERE, and an older interview HERE.
Dinner at the UFO Conference in Lauglin Nevada, February 2010.

From Left to right: Natascha, me (looking serious), Karyn and Richard Dolan. Also, in the lower right corner is Jeremy Ray's hand.

The book After Disclosure is now available. You can order it from the A.D. site.


Anonymous said...

Great interview, Mike!

I really enjoy listening! And Mike Dolan no less-- excellent stuff!


~ I honestly don't think there will be an official Disclosure until those who keep the official secret have their backs against the wall and no other choice. I don't think "the people" will force that-- only the "Others" --whoever and whatever they are, can force this forward. (In my opinion.)

~ Regarding the fear seeing Greys creates: Dolan seems to say here that the Greys WANT this and prefer for us to be afraid of them, like they're projecting a "fear" on purpose. And that is absolutely the OPPOSITE of my experience. The Greys bend over backwards to prevent fear. Fearful people are people who are prone to hurting themselves or attacking the source of the threat (i.e. the Grey/s.) Then, other than specific scenarios (like the "creepy cowboys") they will try to look more human (putting on wigs, hats, sunglasses) to seem less threatening, but then end up even more freaky to us than if they just presented themselves as what they are! It's like they can't win for losing. My point is, though, that most of the beginning of any Grey-Human interactions revolve around quelling the fear, not enhancing it. That's almost a given. For Dolan to seemingly not notice this about almost every report about such experiences is strange to me.

~ Re: telepathic beings-- Much of the fear, it seems to me, comes from not just their appearance or even the immediate recognition that this is a non-human intelligent being "that should not exist", though that's a part of it. Much of it occurs because at the moment your mind connects to theirs, there comes a wider awareness of another mind that is vastly different than your own. You FEEL them inside your head, even with eye contact across a room, and there is a curious "echo" effect. You feel them. You feel yourself as perceived by them. You feel them as perceived by you through them... and on and on as if looking into a line of double mirrors, only telepathically. Does that make sense? The experience is overwhelming to endure while fully conscious to begin with. In time with practice (and learning to mostly avoid eye contact!) it gets more bearable. The actual telepathy is part of it though. Seeing a Grey on say a monitor or even through a 1-way glass/mirror wouldn't convey the fear that their actual presence would...

Anonymous said...

I tried to comment and made it way too long, so I'll try again and break it down.

Overall, I loved this interview. You ask the best questions, Mike.

Re Disclosure: I don't think it will happen because people demand it. Only "the Others" would initiate such a thing. Those who keep the secret will continue to do so until there's no other choice in my opinion. I just personally can't see it happening any other way.

Re Grey Fear: Dolan speaks about that "unholy fear" (great question there, by the way) that seeing a Grey induces as if the Greys are creating it on purpose. Everything I've experienced (with very specific exceptions, like the "creepy cowboy" thing) shows the opposite. Greys seem to bend over backwards to quell fear. They don't like us fearful because, far from enhancing their safety, it increases danger to everyone. Fearful humans are more likely to attack them --and/or hurt themselves in the process of trying to run or fight. The beginning of almost every abduction revolves around reducing that crazy fear. (My husband likens it to mythological "dragon fear.")

Anonymous said...

Sorry, please delete my last post... I thought it wouldn't go through, but surprise!

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to ~L

Your insights are always appreciated and impressive.

No need to delate anything, your articulate a lot of what I was trying to ask. Better than I did.


Anonymous said...

Re: Disclosure bringing vigilantes with pitchforks out, etc.

In my future dreams (for whatever this is worth...) I've witnessed scenes where there were young men in pick-ups with guns searching for abductees/hybrids. However, I've also witnessed other scenes where some people treated known abductees as almost holy. I don't know which scenario is more distasteful to me.

Re: Our being about to leapfrog into being 'on par' with the Others technically.

I don't think we're going to reach that point before we have a massive global implosion of some sort-- But if you've read all my "prep" entries then you already know where I stand on that! We're going to run out of time long before we get to that point, I'm thinking.

Anonymous said...


I mean, delete the repeated post-- or not if you don't mind my stating something twice in slightly different ways! =^)

Anonymous said...

More comments by me! Never fear I shall listen to anything controversial and lack an opinion! LOL!

Re: fusion and disclosure leading to technological break-throughs for humans/humanity



Sorry. I know that's obnoxious, but man! I just can't get over it when I run into this mentality, over and over again, that IF aliens came here openly they would just GIVE us high tech stuff and let US be IN CHARGE OF IT when we've collectively shown such a lack of wisdom in even using what tech we have now!

More likely scenario: They come down, they take over. I've attended conferences and that's what I've recalled. They look at this planet like a rental, not an ownership thing for us. If we had been better stewards, they would work with us. But you kill your biosphere, you lose your planet. If they come, we will no longer be in charge. I really, really, really, really, really, really believe THAT if I believe ANYthing at all about anything related to aliens coming here openly.

I think one reason the "Powers That Be" dread this happening is that they will be revealed to have no real power at ALL. That will be the absolute END for them.

I can't help it, Mike. I laugh at the very idea that they'd just land and then SHARE. No farking way. Uh-uh. No alien I know looks at humans as being anywhere near responsible and reasonable enough to work with on such a level. PLUS many of them not only believe they already own our planet, but us along with it. Just saying-- they're not "invaders", it's more like we're an experiment. Learning THAT would be a collective ass-kick to the ego of humanity (and one maybe we need.)

Anonymous said...

Last note:

I love the questions you asked after the 90 minute mark-- more controversial but more intriguing.

Yeah, the idea of some sort of mental "shift" for people due to some event, either natural or implemented, is one I wonder about myself. It seems like I've been told that at some point I'll have access to abilities that I only have temporary access to now while with the aliens/Others. Some of the lessons I remember revolved around them teaching me how to do things that would be considered superhuman. (Which makes me wonder about all the superhero stuff that's been taking over TV since 2001.)

At the risk of sounding elitist, IF such a transformation event occurs, I don't think it will happen to everyone. I don't know if it will just be abductees or just people with a certain level of spiritual or super-reality based insight or what, but I can't see the whole population going through this. That idea just rings false to me. What bugs me is that I can't say why- maybe it's based on that whole cataclysm thing.

Gosh. So much to wonder about and most of it is so controversial it's hard to wrap your head around it!

Thanks for doing this, Mike. I don't mean to be so critical towards Dolan. He seems so reasonable and on top of things that really my quibbles are the only times I wasn't just nodding along going, "yeah, yeah..."

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to ~L

You say things SO susinctley! I feel like Ive imersed myself in this topic for over a decade, and you wrote suff so clearly in a way that might require a full chapter by lesser authors. THree examples below:

You wrote:

telepathic beings - You FEEL them inside your head, even with eye contact across a room, and there is a curious "echo" effect.

- and -

They look at this planet like a rental, not an ownership thing for us

- and -

they're not "invaders", it's more like we're an experiment. Learning THAT would be a collective ass-kick to the ego of humanity (and one maybe we need.)

Red Pill Junkie said...

Great input from Lucretia as always.

Well, maybe Richard's approach may be "too" cautious, in the sense that he's not entertaining "fringier" scenarios, because his role as an academic —the same as Leslie Kean's as an investigator— is both simple and monumental: to try to bring the UFO subject back into the eye of mainstream science and public opinion WITHOUT the patina of ridicule with which it has been smeared for the last 50 years or so.

That's why Kean doesn't seem to even entertain the idea of exactly WHO or WHAT is behind the UFOs —that's also one of the reasons why both Richard's and her books *do not* show any of the usual elements associated this kind of material: namely the kitschy saucers and alien heads spoiling the cover(something I, like Mike, deeply appreciate).

So basically these investigators are advocating for a slow "baby-steps" approach back to the respectability the field enjoyed during the days of Hynek et al. Granted, we might not have the time for that...

Red Pill Junkie said...

As an aside note, maybe an indication of how people will cope with the idea of intelligent non-human life can be hinted with the media's treatment of what could be arguably the greatest discovery in the millenium: the first habitable exo-planet —Gliese 581g— from which even an Aussie scientist is claiming to have received an intelligent signal 2 years ago —that means Dec 2008; I wonder if it coincided with the mysterious Norway Spiral...

Anyway, check how the world responded to this monumental news: probably only 10 in 100 people in the industrialized world heard about it, and of those I bet only 2 give a damn about it! :-/

So maybe in this e-world of ours, news of alien life will be met not with panic an fear like in Welle's 1938 radio show, but with a collectively Twittered "Meh"...

Anonymous said...

I still haven't had time to finish the entire interview, but there is one very small part that I had a reaction to and wanted to mention before I forget.

At one point Richard and you are talking about the carnival atmosphere surrounding the UFO phenomena. He says something to the effect of "this isn't a joke and we don't need to look like clowns." On a conscious level I completely understand and even share his desire to present himself in a credible way, but at that moment something in my mind pops up and says "this is a joke and we are clowns. You won't understand what is going on until you understand that." It's certainly not an original idea and I don't have any belief invested in it, but it is what came to mind.