Sunday, October 24, 2010


A "police sketch" done by me from a description from Dan Mitchel. He sent me a rough drawing and a photo of his driveway. Double click for a high-rez view.

I just read a very vivid posting from Dan at LUMINOSITY. This first-person narative is required reading. Linked HERE, and a follow-up story HERE.

An excerpt:
For the first time in my nearly 35 years, I have seen a solid "craft" at less than 20 feet and in a perfectly lucid state early this morning. This is absolutely unprecedented and I am still in a curious inward state because of the experience. Whether this was something that was beamed into my mind, I cannot say for certain.


Red Pill Junkie said...

David never bores with his writing. Fascinating.

And that video of the plane is very interesting. We had a discussion about morphing planes over at Regan's Orange Orb, though those videos were not as interesting —it still could be a hoax, though...

Re. stick figures, I remember Mac once linked a b&w video of a security camera showing something that resembled what David is describing. Maybe it's something like our limited distorted perception of a being that operates in more than our normal three dimensions.

3:33 Isn't that the time used in the movie the 4th Kind? Not to take out any significant aspect of that time frame. In fact a quick Google search seems to indicate many people wake up at that time for no particular reason —even I have done it from time to time.

Riotfish said...

I don't what know to think about "Dan". He seems to be a troll wrapped in an enigma.

"So while these synchronicities are strange and seem to be meaningful to so many people, they are really a symptom of the lack of momentum left in our present creative cycle. Events really have no choice but to mimic each other in a strange sort of way. In pop culture this is also revealing itself. The last ten years have probably set the record for "remixes", remakes, and the recycling of political and social ideas. Movies and music are also included here. If you have ever watched the television show "Glee" without blowing your brains out, this proves my point. The younger viewers that actually watch this show have no idea that most of the songs presented are actually remakes."

For someone who makes statements like this, his chin drips with milk I'm confident he suckled from the teat of weird/horror fiction (ie; Thomas Ligotti, Greg Bear's "City at the End of Time"), and his cosmology is a weird mashup of east and west. I sense a trickster at work.

Dan Mitchell said...


A troll, eh? You know I didn't even know who Tom Ligotti was until I read your very well thought out posts over on the paratopia board. Your posts on the Luminosity thread kind of came off as a conspiracy theory in their own right. They were actually entertaining to read. I think your theory is a bit of a stretch, however. Believe it or not (and I'm sure you will) I have much better things to do than spend my time writing posts and lying to strangers for some sick thrill. If I were looking for publicity for my writing, the last thing I would do is write what is on my mind. I've already lost readers for that and chances are pretty good I may lose more in the future. Based on some of your posts, it is obvious that is one aspect of my writing that seems to irritate you to some extent. While I appreciate the time you have invested in thinking about me and my writing, I believe you're barking up the wrong tree. While I intentionally disguise names, dates, and any other information that may lead people back to me, there is no trickster element to anything I write. They are simply my observations and nothing more.

Kind Regards,
Dan Mitchell

Mike Clelland! said...

I've carefully read everything on Dan's LUMINOSITY site, in this, and it's previous incarnations. True enough, the narrative shared there is VERY intense.

I've often thought that Dan suffers from the same problem that plagues Whitley Strieber. Both of them are good writers, but they might be TOO good. I'm often left dazzled by their skill in a way that makes me question the content.

That said, just because a writer challenges me, it doesn't mean they aren't trying to share something real. I've talked one-on-one to a LOT of people who claim unbelievable life events, and I feel these people are being entirely honest. I'll include Dan in this too.

If this paranormal stuff is to be believed, anyone experiencing it first hand is gunna end up with some personality quirks. For good or for bad, the experiencers I've met and talked to can be really intense. I might fit that description too.

There is something so mysterious hidden within the LUMINOSITY blog, and I pay very close attention to anything that guy writes.

Riotfish said...

Mike: Yes, it's intensely written - the thorn in my side is where it seems to overlap with stuff that is ostensibly fictional (Ligotti, Lovecraft, Bear, etc). For me at least, this is the trickster element.

Dan: Much as I do with Strieber's writings - which exist in a weird netherworld between fact and fiction - I actually intuitively feel there's a certain truth to many of your blog tales. But then I have the same suspicion of an HP Lovecraft, or any other ostensible writer of fiction who can leave you wondering about where reality ends, and fiction begins...

Someone who has made the unfortunate decision to self identify as a 'new ager', or more importantly, as a 'liberal', may deserve some needling, but from my perspective it crossed the line into trolling with the post "Why Liberals Hate Dan Mitchell".

A little pedantic of me perhaps, but a while back I did check on your usage of the word 'liberal' versus its equally manufactured and misleading binary opposites, such as 'conservative', and found that the language didn't even out. As a Canadian, this regional political language sticks out like a sore thumb. Given Chris Knowles' series of interesting blog articles detailing the history of the so-called "Secret War on the New Age", and the popularity of Nick Redfern's recent "Final Events" (which I've just received in the mail... I am quite interested in the *political* influence of the Collins Elite... yes, I have a nascent interest in spycraft's effects on modern history), your star does shine in a certain conspiracy-friendly constellation. Speculation about possible ulterior motives followed.

As someone who works in and around fiction on a daily basis, the weird/horror fiction resonances I pointed out in my Paratopia commentary coagulated into something I had to spit out. If I had not been exposed to Ligotti, et al, I never would have even known that such a link to ostensibly fictional works even existed; I felt it was my duty to spend a little time explicitly pointing out the similarities to passers by. From what I can tell, you've actually lost readers because you spooked them off. Yes, that's right, there are people who are scared of a blog! That's quite the feat, no matter what your intentions are.

I'll leave off with the same open ended question I posed at Paratopia: If Luminosity is a 'gateway' for these forces of dissolution, why the bleedin' hell does Dan keep breathing life into it?

Riotfish said...

I think Blogger spit out my response...

Mike: The intensity keeps me coming back for more; the many similarities to certain pre-existing writers keeps me wondering.

Dan: Have no fear, I'm at a point where I can't say much more about Luminosity, without descending into ankle biting. The trickster aspect is more in the blurring of the line between reality and fiction, as I've outlined elsewhere. At the very least, I had to point out that there are strong currents running through your writings that seem to have surfaced in others' writings. Strieber and Castaneda have survived similar scrutiny.

Riotfish said...

Gah! Or it was just constipated.

Dan Mitchell said...
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Dan Mitchell said...
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Brownie said...

I eagerly read 'Dan Mitchell's' blog entries. I believe he's telling the truth. Maybe I'm a fool for believing, but that's alright by me. My lifetime of experiences are similar to his. The "stick" being, is just one recent example.

As for his political critique of liberals, I think he's off the mark and should be far more concerned with the rise of fascism in our country from the neo-conservative rightwing that has given birth to the teaparty movement and their nutbag candidates in the GOP.

If Dan hasn't read the following books, I'd like to suggest them (and for anyone interested in the 'alien'/abduction/ufo topic)...

Dr. Gregory L. Little- Grand Illusions: The Spectral Reality Underlying Sexual Ufo Abductions
Raymond E. Fowler - Ufo Testament: Anatomy of an Abductee
Ann Druffel - How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction
Nigel Kerner - The Song of the Greys...and Kerner's sequel - Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls: The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity.

~ Susan

Dan Mitchell said...


I think you make a lot of good points in regard to the nature of my writing. Like I said, your posts on paratopia were well thought out. I can see how a person might draw similar conclusions. I even admit that there is a blurring of the line between fact and fiction within my posts. However, as strange as it may sound, that is not at all intentional. I don't deny that my experiences, at least on some level, have taken place in altered states of mind. But that answer is too simplistic, and more importantly I have been in the company of other people when some of these experiences have occured. So there has been a certain degree of vindication in that regard.

Now in regard to the "Why Liberals Hate Dan Mitchell" post, I have to admit that it was childish on my part. While I regret making that post to a large extent, and I have told Mike this personally the other night, I will not take down my mistakes. What's done is done. I have made it a point to no longer put up posts dealing with political or social stances. However, I will continue to express my reasons for disagreeing with aspects of the new age. I think it is important to first understand that the new age world is by no means a cohesive whole. When I refer to it, it is not that I am speaking out against a religion or a political movement. It is incredibly diverse and I have very close friends that are a part of it. I only call out specific teachings that I feel are pertinent to a point I am making. Now to be fair, I am being honest that my feelings for conservatives and the right are quite the same. I highly doubt that there are any conservatives or right-wingers that read my posts. So to be honest, they are NOT the ones emailing me and calling me an idiot or jerk (and worse) and telling people to stop reading my blog. Just because I didn't mention it on my blog, it is implied that my feelings for both sides of the political spectrum are grim. Luminosity is not political by any stretch of the imagination. I absolutely despise politics.

You Asked:
"If Luminosity is a 'gateway' for these forces of dissolution, why the bleedin' hell does Dan keep breathing life into it?"

My only response to that question is that I don't know. There is a strong inner urging to put these posts out there. Whether or not I have played into the hands of a nefarious presence, I cannot be entirely certain. What I do know is that as sinister as many of my accounts may seem, they have a much deeper dimension that I have great difficultes expressing. I have often called all of these events my personal apocalypse for many reasons, mainly because they have lead to a very real revelation of what really is behind the veil of the ordinary life.

Kind Regards,
Dan Mitchell

Dan Mitchell said...
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Dan Mitchell said...
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Riotfish said...

Probably a wee bit late to respond to this, but what the heck, I don't have much to say anyway...

I would certainly not use the fact that someone was in an altered state of mind to explain away a paranormal event - in fact, there does seem to be a relationship between paranormal phenomena and altered states of mind. I recently finished a book by parapsychologists Stanley Krippner, et al, called "Dream Telepathy", and they pretty much came to the conclusion that the altered state of REM sleep seems to level the psychic playing field, as it were, allowing something we can only call telepathy, to occur. But this is probably low level stuff for most new agers, practitioners of magic, experiencers of high strangeness, etc.

I obviously run in different circles than the people who are emailing you with negative comments, because I am honestly perplexed every time you make a reactionary post addressing the "new age" (although I think I've fueled your fires once or twice myself). It's too bad that this happens, as it seems like it's distracting you from sussing out the metaphysics of where you have been, what you have seen, and where you feel it is going. I do understand that you have to compare and contrast what you've learned through your own experiences, with what you find 'out there'. I also hope that you keep posting, as it's an interesting read each time. I'm intrigued to hear from one who has apparently been on an inside track, as it were, into all this weirdness. These are also some pretty messed up times to be living in, so it should be expected that there is some difficulty in separating the personal from the political, as it were; I'm not even sure if it is even entirely possible to do this.

I've often pondered the confusing idea that one can have an individual will, yet everything is somehow one. One of my personal favorites over the years has been writer and self-professed magician Alan Moore, and he's on the record as saying that, if you are doing your true will, you are invariably doing the will of the universe. Hazy stuff. I really don't know how these two things can work together. I sense a copout lurking amidst this aspect of modern spirituality, and I suspect this is one of the reasons I actually find Luminosity alternately agitating, as well as inspiring.