Thursday, October 21, 2010

impromptu session with Christopher Knowles

Even mainstream TV news tries to figure out what's in the sky.

This morning I was posting links the facebook page that accompanies The Secret Sun blog. I was concerned about the curious UFO reports from New York City on October 13th. Christopher Knowles was commenting as fast I was posting, and I finally emailed him and asked, “Do you wanna talk about this?” And he replied, “You wanna do a quickie podcast on it?” Within minutes we had our headsets on and we were logged into skype.

This wasn’t a formal interview, both of us were speculating off the cuff about what might be unfolding. We ended up overlapping the core subjects of both of our ongoing writings and viewpoints. The conversation ended up getting pretty deep, until we were pondering the search for God.

Balloons? UFOs? Are these a deep reflection of our place in the universe?

We contemplate much, and conclude nothing.

audio download / 1 hour 11 minutes


We dig into the inevitable hoax revelations following UFO reports in the mainstream media, the use of hoaxes as media experiments, the nature of the phenomenon and the various controversies surround it, the strange timing of the NYC "sightings" hot on the heels of all of the stories about UFOs, space travel, exoplanets and much, much more.

Want more? Here are some links that will make things even murkier.

~ Audio interview with Stanley Fulham on Oct 16th. Podcast by Bill and Nancy Birnes. This was three days after the event.

~ UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock. This blog has been carefully logging info about the events of 10/13. This site also has a good collection of youtube clips take that day by people on the street as well as from mainstream TV news.

~ This youtube video makes a good case that what was seen were simply yellow balloons released in times square.

~ New York news report of the publicity event the same day in Times Square with (curiously) yellow balloons overtly featured in the photo and the text.

~ Video interview with Stanley Fulham the author of the book that predicted the events of 10/13. This two part youtube video is hosted by UFO researcher Randy Kitchur

~ Radio interview with a witness, as well as Jim Marrs. There is an excerpt from this interview at the end of the audio file with Chris Knowles.

~ An Associated Press report about a “gas leak” at the radar tower, and an evacuation of the facility. This curious event affected all three of NY’s major airports. Internet murmurings followed.

~ This interesting article about the mysterious "gas leak" from a VERY questionable source, that being Michael Salla.

Extra text from Feb. 1st 2012:
Here's an interesting follow up in a recent news article that contradicts the "balloon" explanation. Linked HERE.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Always a pleasure to hear the musings of Knowlesmandias :-P

About the NY sighting, it's all very murky. Chances are it was all a hoax or misidentification, but then if you consider how the military tried to cover up the Phoenix sightings in 1997 —releasing flares AFTER the event— it's really impossible to say that no actual UFO sightings happened apart from the balloons.

But there has been definitely been a lot of expectation in the air concerning extraterrestrial life. Not only the news about Gliese581g as the first bonafide habitable exoplanet, but there was also this news about an Australian astronomer claiming to have detected an intelligent signal coming from that same planet! Now of course Drake and the SETI establishment dismissed it immediately; and now, even the very existence of Gliese is in question! I agree that it feels like a game of showing the carrot and getting the stick.

muzuzuzus said...

I very much enjoyed your podcast interview! I am with Chris's blog The Secret Sun which is where I found he was doing this, and now am following your blog.

I actually DO think something significant happened in NYC from reading people who were there. Of course we have the inevitable 'swamp gas' explanations and cliched 'case closed'. But the real queston I feel must be WHO is that doing that up there on that day? Is it 'ETs' being their errrrm 'ordinary' lol or interdimensional, or is it the secret government up to its tricks, and grooming us for the BIGGIE, the 'final card' as was warned by Nazi Werner von Braun? What a freakin strange tale this is hey?

How do we process this? There is SO much to deal with in the real world--or the real REAl world behind the masks of propaganda. We need to support each other to navigate this labyrinthe...

The Secret Sun said...

Knowlesymandias? Is that the Bizarro world Ozymandias? If so, well played!

I'll let Mike field these- he's much more of an expert on the topic itself. My interest was the media manipulation surrounding it, which was pretty substantial.