Saturday, August 7, 2010

audio conversation with Cynthia Crawford

Cynthia and a series of her other-worldy creations.

Cynthia has had a life of complex experiences involving non-human entities, including multiple abductions, examinations and miraculous healings. She speaks openly about her life experiences, and she boldly declares that she is an alien/human hybrid.

Cynthia is also a talented sculptor, creating three dimensional images of the many of entities she has encountered. She states that Star Beings work through her, putting their own frequency in the sculptures as a tool to awaken people to their own deeper truths. She has devoted her life to sharing the lessons she has learned from these beings in an effort to change the world for the better. See a gallery of her sculptures HERE.

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I met Cynthia at a UFO conference in Laughlin Nevada, and I was perfectly amazed by the intensity of her story. Initially I found her claims almost impossible to take seriously, but after spending time with her I was impressed by her openness and her big hearted nature. It forced me to re-think my initial reaction of prejudice.

This conversation covers a lot of fringe topics and it culimnates with Cynthia giving me a psychic reading. She channeled from her guides, and the information was quite interesting.

There are several links on her homepage (ET Sculptor) where you can listen to audio interviews where Cynthia shares her life experiences. The narrative unfolds from these recorded interviews is utterly fascinating. I recommend listening to these interviews to better understand Cynthia and her complex story.


Wildrote said...

Thanks, Mike

I enjoyed that immensely.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, her Cheridani sculpture seems rather similar to the Asgard race, from the Stargate TV series —which was probably based on the gray alien from the TV movie Roswell.

I guess I'm also one of those who need to take the "Baby steps" program :-/

Natascha said...

Archangel Mike!

Right on!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I loved the interview,Mike.
And I think I would not have bothered to listen either
(for the same reasons you stated),if you had not encouraged me with your open minded introduction at the beginning of the audio.
I have even offered to buy one of her statues,that I feel a strange attraction to,on a subconscious level.I'm just awaiting on her decision,now.

Anonymous said...

This whole interview is great, but I found the end where Cynthia gives you that info especially wonderful. I don't have any alien experience myself, because that would totally make me pee my pants and cry, but the idea of an intentional slow realization of your own spiritual development really rang true for me anyway. And I've been having a totally shitty day, and it made me feel 100 per cent better about some totally (kind of) unrelated subject. Also I didn't know/care anything about this stuff til I just listened to this whole thing, thinking prior that there was no way I was going to sit through the whole thing. Good job luring me in. Now I will know what more people are talking about more often.