Friday, March 26, 2010

Update on the yellow line on the map

I just received a short note from the Missouri photographer who took those amazing owl photographs.

He wrote: "Yes, it was amazing. I have seen many things in my life but the owls were one of the most wonderful... There would have been more pictures, but I didn't realize what I was looking at until I had passed many of them."

He sent me a map where he penciled in the exact location of the owl sighting, approximately four miles North of the very small town of Lockwood Missouri. I could see the farmer's fence on google maps satalite imagery. It was about two miles west of where I had guessed (using the info provided on the site where I first saw his owl photos). So, this changes a few details on the map, and some of the razor sharp exactness on an earlier posting.

When I create a line from the exact site of the owls (the blue marker) directly to Byron North Dakota, the yellow line doesn't run right thru Mac's apartment (the yellow marker) in Kansas City anymore. Instead, it is now a little less than two miles to the west. It's still pretty close, but not as precise as the previous image.

Where oh where was the Starbucks where Mac worked?

The owls were seen near an area noted as "Grays Valley" on the map. These were not Great Gray owls, but were Short Eared Owls. (they were not gray aliens either!)

Alas, none of this will make sense unless you read the postings below.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Grays Valley?? @_@

Sure there isn't a Reticulan Meadow nearby? :-P

Mike Clelland! said...

There is a "Simms Point" (as in Daryl Simms, maybe?)

Yes - I thought it was SO funny...

*GRAY* is a kind of OWL and a kind of ALIEN!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Weird. Have you read The Coming of Tan by
Riley Martin? because I feel there's a connection somewhere.

Just Curious!

Mike Clelland! said...

I'm adding some of my notes here, on the comments portion. I just want them in one place:
Byron is listed as a township in Cavalier County. There are 41 townships in Cavalier county, and if you google any of them, you end up with a curious marker positioned in some obscure field. There are less than 5,000 people in this agricultural county.,_North_Dakota

On the afternoon of March 12th I was trying to deal with the google maps program and create some more exacting lines. During this somewhat compulsive work, the phone rang, and it was Mac Tonnies’ mother. It was a very touching conversation, she called to thank me for the illustrations in the book. We spoke for aver a half hour, and she shared a lot about her son. After saying goodbye, I was absolutely filled with gratitude.

I have been more than a little bit obsessed with these line on the map. I can’t help but be amazed that I have an extremely exacting computer tool to help me create these maps. If I was attempting the same thin, just a few years ago, i would be using a paper map and a pencil. I would just put a line on the page and be done with it. But, with GoogleMaps, I can zoom in and use a razor sharp line a mere one pixel in width. Looking at the line between my house and Byron North Dakota, it passes VERy close to BYORN Wyoming.

If this were a pencil line on a map, it would simply run across the tiny town of Byron Wyoming. I would simply note it and be impressed. But, now with these more precise tools I can second guess myself, and it fills me with doubt.

The line itself runs not thru the town, but thru the Shoshone river. It lines up in one small section of the river, and it makes me think of Anya’s insistence I look into dousing.

Our planet is round, so putting perfectly straight lines on a map doesn’t really mean much. As I dig into this, I’m just sort of using Google MAps the way mystic might use a deck of tarot cards. I’m trying not to second guess the outcome of the info.

I sent a note to "Quanta", who does some crop circle research in the USA. She grew up in Kansas, and I asked her to review the line that runs through Kansas, and see if it sparked anything of note.

Sure enough, she listed three very small towns in Kansas. Herington, Lost Springs and Elmo.

LAT/LON for Byron North Dakota
48~ 55’ 42.59” N
98~ 47’ 41.33” W