Thursday, September 3, 2009


1. About contacting Mike Lewis:
I have replied to the friend request from Mike Lewis. I even had a film crew in the room as I sent the note (yes, I know that's weird). Since that point, we've sent a few short notes back and forth. Just pleasantries. There will be a day when I ask him about that night in 1974, but it hasn't happened yet.

2. A curious update from Cindy Gail:
I just got off the phone with Cindy Gail. I said hello to her on the facebook chat-program and she immediately replied:

I have exciting news for you - What's your phone number? - it's something I can't type - too long - life changing for you - I'm calling you on the phone - RIGHT NOW!

Here's the scoop, she still visits her old next door neighbors (the married couple are now in their mid-80's and in good health). She said they told her a story that they saw a glowing green UFO above her house! This would have been before 1977 (when the couple moved). This roughly matches the time-frame of my missing time experience, in front of that same house in Michigan.

I begged Cindy to play the role of investigative reporter and dig up more on this very curious puzzle piece.

3. More owls
I've seen a few owls lately. They've made their appearance right before some heavy-handed and emotional events.

Just last week I was driving to the airport in the pre-dawn dark, and I saw an owl on a signpost along the side of the road. It flew away as I passed. My trip involved visiting my aging parents who are both dealing with very serious health issues. It was a hard and emotional trip. That said, the trip simply had to happen, even with the very real stresses.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Wow! please keep us posted :)

James said...

!!!!!!!!!!! That is pretty extraordinary! It is like a puzzle isnt it? If I were you I think I would feel pretty strange, as if there was a hidden purpose, and Id begin to wonder about my role in all this.. this is an incredible coincidence considering your project etc. Just what is the big picture coming together... like yeh definitely keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

~ Larissa here:

Very exciting about Cindy Castle's neighbors and their UFO memories! More verification-- which is always both disturbing and validating, I know.

Owls and signposts and significant emotional events... You seem REALLY plugged in to the 'shamanic realm' for lack of a better term. I've been through bouts of such synchronicities as well, though not lately. I wish I knew what triggers a 'flap' of coincidences...