Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a sister blogger (another one)

A few days ago I received a comment on a posting I wrote on St. Paddy's Day, it was from another blogger. For some reason, I was fascinated by her comments. I searched a little, found her site, read some of her work, sent her a note and soon we were emailing back and forth.

This is yet another blog where the author shares personal paranormal experiences, including UFO sightings and their heavy-handed implications. (Someday, I need to make a list of these blogs) I am still at a loss at how to label these experiences. Is she an abductee? Contactee? Experiencer?

The title of her ongoing blog is: IN A WORLD CRACKING OPEN - Endings & Beginnings.

She goes by the pen name Lucretia Heart, and her story is rich, complicated and utterly bizarre. Having been looking at this subject, long and hard, I gotta say most of the stuff in her story seems to match things I’ve heard, either in print or from people sharing these stories with me directly.

I was utterly drawn to this posting. Here’s how the story begins:

Late September 2006, at about 2 am, a strange, blond man, tall, broad shouldered, and handsome, walked right into our living room in the middle of the night. We were up and alert at the time because someone had awakened us out of a dead sleep by rapping loudly on our bedroom window. A few minutes later, while my husband, Gerick, and I were shakily trying to figure out what was going on, Big Blond Guy just opened up our front door and strode on in!

I knew him and his name was Ethan...

Bizarre things had been occurring ever since we moved into that cabin out in the Ohio woods: Grey alien visitations, poltergeist phenomena, and several close-up UFO sightings. It had been an interesting year, to say the least! But this walk-in by a tall blond dude was altogether a bigger deal, and I knew it.

Many years before, Gerick and I and several other abductees we knew of were apparently put on some sort of 'stand-by' status. We were all told the same thing: that we were prepared and ready now, so we'd mostly be left alone (except for brief check-ups) until "it was time."

Time for what? For something to start. Something big. Something that had to do with the whole world changing. . .

NOTE: This story has been featured in JAR Quarterly
(Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research)

Mike replies...
I’ll add that 2006 seems to be the year that I began to become more preoccupied with the subject. My interest had been simply the stuff of curiosity, a subject that I followed. But, from this point on (about 2006) it turned into an obsession, and heavy-handed synchronicities began to invade my life.

Here are two more postings from my sister blogger. To me, these follow up stories are an important addition to the Ethan story.

Lucretia writes, The Hippie Visitor:

(she shares this) The following I wrote before meeting a guy named "Ethan" in a 2006 experience. I don't think they're the same guy-- but I could be wrong. I'm still confused about this one...

Mike replies...
Anyone who has read SIGHT UNSEEN by Budd Hopkins will immediately be reminded of the mysterious Mr. Page. The stories are eerie in their similarities.

Lucretia writes, A Letter To "Ethan"

I'm not sure what I'm trying to do here, exactly. I suppose I'm trying to imagine that if there were a way to communicate to "Ethan" (or whatever that mysterious yet familiar guy's name was who visited us in late September of 2006) I would dearly like to do so and would. I guess this is an exercise of my wishful imagination. But IF I could write to him, and have him read my writing, this is what I would like to say to that Angel/Alien/Faerie who came that night...

Mike concludes...
I could have made this post a LOT longer. My communications with Lucretia has been a tightly woven web of links to other ongoing synchronicities, including: The Irish, women with long red hair, the number 33, tall Nordic beings, Budd Hopkins and a deep premonition about our future.


Red Pill Junkie said...


Very interesting.

Don't know what to make of it, really. Truth be told, I don't have too much trust for Budd Hopkins' research on abductions, and his reliance of hypnosis to extract hidden memories.

But that "Are you ready for Armageddon?", man... that will keep me awake all night.

Mike Clelland! said...

Red Pill Junkie,

You should read SIGHT UNSEEN, you may change your mind about Budd Hopkins (who has tried to hypnotize me).

And, you really seem pay attention to this blog.


Anonymous said...

I only attempt hypnotic retrieval of memories when I have conscious memories already that are simply incomplete. In the case of the guy who walked in and gave the armageddon line, I had remembered on my own that I had seen him in my house, his knocking on the window, seeing a UFO outside close up while with people, and struggling with the door as someone came in on my own without hypnosis. I only got hypnosis to help me fill in some of the stubborn blanks in my memory. Hypnosis has been found, if done properly (without leading, that is) to be very useful in jostling memory. That's been well-established.

However, there is good hypnosis and bad hypnosis. I've had hypnotists who attempted to lead me, or who used my time while under to ask me all these questions they wanted the answer to- many of which I couldn't answer, like "WHY," instead of helping me go through the event I was attempting to figure out.

Budd has done hypnosis on me, though not for this particular event, and he's the best I've ever worked with. He's exceedingly careful NOT to lead and works through memories one step at a time to get everything he can. But you should know he doesn't rely upon hypnosis to establish the veracity of any abductee's claims. He uses held back information for that.

Basically, there are a TON of tiny details that abductees notice durign their experiences that Budd and other researchers hold back from publishing. When a witness reports these details (which they could not possibly have known otherwise) then Budd has an indicator towards the possible truth of the reported event.

~ "Lucretia"

Red Pill Junkie said...

"And, you really seem pay attention to this blog."

Well, that's part of my job here at the NSA.

...Got you!! :-P

Nah, I'm just an obsessive guy with a crappy job that lets him surf the web all day.

"Basically, there are a TON of tiny details that abductees notice durign their experiences that Budd and other researchers hold back from publishing. When a witness reports these details (which they could not possibly have known otherwise) then Budd has an indicator towards the possible truth of the reported event."

Thanks for the comment. I guess what bothers me the most about Budd is that he seems —I might be wrong— to have made up his mind toward the whole abduction scenario. "They" are aliens from another planet, and are involved in some hybridization program, and so on and so forth...

I do not know if some of the things that are part of the abduction experience, but fall outside that theory, are never the less picked up by him; or if he does as many researchers do: pick what strengthens their argument, and discard the rest.

Does Hopkins have something to say about the huge similarities between the "typical" abduction experience (assuming there is one) and the experiences reported by subjects that ingest DMT?

Mike Clelland! said...

To Red Pill Junkie:

Please read SIGHT UNSEEN - it'll give you an insight into Budd's expansive thinking. It goes way beyond the standard abduction scenerio.

And - I don't know if he's looked into the DMT thing.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I will add Sight Unseen to my Amazon wish list today.

Wildrote said...

Hey Mike,

The timing of your post is rather significant for me. The day after you posted it I had an experience which reminded me how twisted things get when beings outside ordinary reality try to deceive.

To you and Lucretia, I know what it's like to have your thoughts and you life messed with, even by the beings that are supposedly there to help you.

Good luck and take care,


Mike Clelland! said...

(in her own blog)
Lucretia Heart wrote:

... I've begun corresponding with another abductee I found who also blogs. His writings are more concentrated on unusual experiences, memories and synchronicities (more like my paranormal and Reality's Fall tags now) and not so scattered as my own ...

I've known quite a few abductees during my life, but then- I saw my first Grey alien while wide awake at the age of 16, and wrote to contact Budd Hopkins at 18, began writing and speaking to abductees Budd put me in touch with at 20 and had my first hypnotic memory retrieval at 22. I've been experiencing things and working my way through all of this for a long time now. Along the way, I've had a chance to meet others who face the same sorts of experiences and issues. It's reassuring to know that there are others out there with some conscious memories who are actively attempting to figure things out as I am. (And, of course, I married one of those fellow abductees.)
... I've reached the point where I don't care much if people believe me. I just share my memories anyway, because I'm sick of feeling scared I'll be ridiculed and disrespected ... I've had to learn to respect myself and decide to express the truth of my experiences regardless.

Maybe I'm just stubborn. I don't like feeling as if I'm supposed to be ashamed of something as if I had a choice about it...

The problem with those social expectations is that I'm just not ashamed, and I'm growing less patient and more dismissive with negative reactions. I look upon those who doubt me as either being ill-educated (in this particular matter), stupid, or swayed by ego issues of their own... I don't care to debate the matter as I'm past all of that on to the next stage: WHY are they here? WHAT are they doing and what are their plans? And, most worrisome, what part do I play in it-- if any beyond that of lab rat and provider of genetic material?

The lovely thing about finding other abductees is that I get to skip the debate part right off the bat. They know, as I do, and are also working on the rest of the answers. We may not know where they come from, or what- exactly- they are, but we know they're here and messing with us as they like. And we're struggling with everything that arises from that point forward.
Meanwhile we have to reckon all this with the daily mundane life of work, family, shopping, etc., and carry on as if the most stupendous things are not happening and have not happened to us. It can make us a little odd sometimes, or touchy, or greatly desirous of escape. Sometimes, when we're not "active," its just easier to pretend to be normal and not even think about these things. Until some new shocking experience, and back we go into desperately wanting to understand it all once more.

What keeps me working at it, through all the bullshit, is excruciatingly powerful curiosity. I just want to know more! I mean, JEZUS, contact with other intelligent life here! Hello?! Its the biggest news of all time. More important than anything else really, especially given where life is going on this planet (towards one massive extinction event, one way or another.) Dammit, its frustrating to be the tiny squeaking mouse in the corner on something like this when you're directly involved all your life!

But- oh well! Squeak, squeak!

Mike Clelland! said...

Mike C replied:

Well said!

You said it - and said it well.

At my end, there is something wishy-washy in my own conception of what's happening to me.

I believe it is happening to me - sometimes - but not all the time. I fight that very human need to deny that it's true. I wish I could just say YES, it's happened to me! But that ain't easy.

My blog seems to exemplify that wishy-washy emotion.

Thanks for the pep talk!

Mike Clelland!


And Lucretia Heart replied to me:

You're not supposed to believe its true ... You know you're not LYING, so the alternatives are:



There's really no other alternative. So, you're f-cked either way, right? No wonder its difficult to embrace one way or another...

On a deeper level, I think its confusing at times because sometimes I believe they contact us only telepathically from a distance and "download" or "upload" information to us or from us. Stuff's happening, but its not an abduction or contact event. Other times, there's actual live contact, but then maybe they screw with time, invisibility, and your mind, and so the mish-mash of memory left over seems dubious.

And so you have this major incentive to hope its not real-- just a dream. Along with bits and pieces of memory and physical evidence (scars, scars, everywhere a scar...) and its just easier to let it go and whistle a happy tune in the dark.

Anonymous said...

~ Lucretia here:

Re: DMT and supposed "huge" similarities between ingesting that substance and abductions.

Answer: The similarities are NOT that huge. Rather, researchers who would prefer to believe its all in the mind rather than real found a few similarities and glommed onto them while ignoring all the things that do not fit.

(Pretty much what you accused Budd of doing. And for the record, he and David Jacobs are amoung the least of the biased researchers. They have their leanings, it's true-- but they throw out less that disagrees with their theories than most researchers.)

Just to start, after an experience of, say-- "spirit sex"-- a female DMT ingester will NOT find actual sperm in your vagina. An abductee might. After being cut (usually with a tiny laser-like device) abductees have physical scars- very tiny and thin, but there. Though a hallucinating person might see lights, they'll never have a huge burn scar on their lawn where a UFO sat in an experience. Abductees will remember taking off their night clothes and then wake the next morning with their clothes inside out. Or maybe wearing someone else's clothes! Oh- and here's a gross one: Women abductees who have had periods have awakened to their tampons/pads (that they wore to bed) missing, not to be found anywhere. Whereas women abductees who were not having their period have awakened to find someone else's feminine protection shoved inside their vagina or in their panties.

In other words, there is physical trace evidence in abductions. Not every time, but certainly many, many times with most abductees. No hallucination can produce that.

Also, the quality of the hallucination is not that similar. No one reported ever seeing Grey aliens during drug-induced hallucinations BEFORE they became popularized in the culture- at least not that I ever heard of...

Also, abductees who HAVE ingested DMT have reported the experience really is not the same.

Finally, abductees are reporting experiences that occur while they are totally stone cold sober. Nor did they engage in any practices that would be likely to induce the brain to naturally produce the chemical (ritual, etc.) before the experience.

I'm sure there's more things I could list, but... meh. You get my point, I'm sure.

I see the DMT=abductions as just another attempt to jump through any hoop to deny the experience as physically real. There's plenty of evidence its real, but most abductees aren't willing to announce their often traumatic experiences to a media and public only too eager to rip them apart. And who can blame them? Bloggers like myself and Mike Clelland are very much in the minority.

Mike Clelland! said...

The comments here are really impressive. The debate is happening at a high level, and that makes me happy that I instigated 'em.

About DMT and the similarities with the abduction phenomenon, I can't offer much.

I've heard a little about Terrance McKenna, and it's intriguing, sure enough.

I think this avenue should be looked into, but be careful not to latch onto it as the be-all-end-all answer. Something profoundly strange is happening. What it is cannot (it seems) be easily answered. THere are clues all over, and each should be followed to see if there is any merit to them.

THanks to all the folks who've commented.

Red Pill Junkie said...

To Lucretia,

You seem to misunderstand me. The fact that I brought the DMT subject was not a "skoftic" attempt to dismiss the abduction experience as just some kind of weird hallucination. In other words, I don't think that the abduction experience is something that happens only inside the abductee's head.

Having said that, I don't think we should hurry into trying to categorize or interpret the abduction experience into a definite frame as I (IMO) believe Jacobs and Hopkins do.

Whatever abductions are, I have read some thigns that seem to suggest it operates on many levels. There's the physical aspect, to be sure; but there's also elements that seem to operate in what one might call "non-ordinary reality".

This non-ordinary reality has a common ground with some other entheogenic experiences performed by shamanic cultures for thousands of years.

To say that DMT might be involved in the experience is not an attempt to dismiss it; on the other hand, it might give us some clues about how the experience unfolds.

I heard the Paracast interview with Hopkins and Jacobs. to someone like Hopkins, when an abductee reports seeing a dead relative along with the aliens, that can only be interpreted as one of the aliens wearing some kind of disguise to create a "screen memory".

To me, on the other hand, such a report suggests that this... thing is weirder and more convoluted than we might be able to comprehend.

What if the witness is correct? What if that was REALLY the soul/spirit/whatever of a dead relative?

I try to have as less beliefs re- these issues as I humanly can. Even though I might not agree with many things Whitley Strieber says or writes, I've always enjoyed his approach when discussing the "visitors". He doesn't know what they are, or whey they come from —another star system, another physical dimension. Hell, they might share our world AND our minds in a way we can barely comprehend.

They might be our reflection coming from the mirror that divides the waking world and the dream world.

There are many other things I would like to write, but I think that for the moment this will suffice. Let me just repeat: I'm not willing to categorize an explanation to what happens to you guys. But that's not the same as dismissing the reality of the phenomenon.

I suspect many things, and I'm not sure of anything.

But my curiosity is genuine; that much I can guarantee.

I ALSO want to know.

James said...

Well this is pretty off the wall. I am not sure why I want to add this comment except that it is an odd tangent to all that has already been said and will allow no one to draw any conclusions except perhaps we have all taken a strange turn...

The name Ethan always brings to my mind now, since I saw the episode back in the sixties, an episode from "The Outer Limits" called "Children of Spider County". There is a character named Ethan Wechsler on this episode, and his protrayal by Lee Kinsloving has gotten stuck in my head ever since.

You can see the original episode on Fancast:


Here is a very brief synopsis of the episode:

"Four of the nation's leading young scientists simultaneously vanish and the succeeding investigation reveals they were all born in Spider County within the same month, each delivered two months premature, and each carried the same middle name .. Eros. The fifth and, apparently, next to go is Ethan Wechsler.

It seems these five were the children of men of the dying planet Eros which sent five of its inhabitants to breed on Earth. Now that the children have matured their fathers have come for them ... but Ethan refuses to leave thus facing the consequence of fighting his father - The Eros Creature."

Mike Clelland! said...



I just saw that episode a few nights ago. And I was really in awe at how many pieces of the modern day abduction got squeezed into that episode. So weird.

All this was way before Betty and Barney Hill, and LONG before the wealth of very strange info that's become available in the last decade.
I was particularly creeped out by the shape shifting father charactor.

I didn't catch the Ethan name. So curious...


James said...

Okay... that is like kind of weird... how is it that you happened to watch this particular episode? It was a shock to me to find out I could watch it on the net... I havent seen it in quite a long time. Though the content has stuck in my mind.

I left a similar comment on Lucretia's blog... I am sure if she gets around to watching it the eerie congruence with some of this subject matter is .... uh... startling..?... unusual? Curious... an understatement. Thanks!