Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kristy talks about owls (and God)

This is Kristy (above) on the morning after the second owl event. I told her that none-other than Whitley Stieber had commented on our owl story. And, I asked her if I could add this picture to my blog.

Kristy wrote:

Sure! I like that picture. Strangely enough, spending a lot of time in my grandma's room as she was dying, I noticed that she had that picture on her dresser. I must have sent it to her at some point.

That is so cool about Whitley Strieber. I remember picking up his book from my parents' shelf when I was six or seven, and showing it to all my friends and us all being freaked out. I am all about the divine aspect of this whole thing. Obviously. I like that he said that, about being connected to God. Because that night I saw the owls and whenever I dream of them, that is the benevolent sort of "spirit guide" feeling I get. Not that they are otherworldly, but that they are..."in" worldly.

Because there's no way that I could explain any of this outside of the context of God. And, you know, not "God" in the "because the Bible tells me so" sense, but God in the real, eternal, "I know this much is true" sense. (please excuse the shitload of quotation marks, I just had a long night...) And by God you know what I mean...the all-that-is...etc. (she said, always remaining self-conscious of sounding Churchy and alienating...whoa, alienating people).

That's what I felt and that's what I feel...that if anything happened that night, it was definitely some sort of communion with the all-that-is. (As I was just writing that sentence, I remembered that Whitley Strieber's book was called Communion, right?)

Here's a quick link to our curious OWL STORY.

And, Kristy's BLOG is wonderful. She is a much better writer than I'll ever be.



Mac said...

Ouch. My pale, hairless mug looks a bit out of place so close to Kristy's charming features.

Mike Clelland! said...

Whitley's well worn face makes up for it.

But anyone would look sort of "out of place" next to that picture. It actually meant a lot to me when Kristy said that her dying grandmother kept it on her dresser. I remember the instant I took that photo that she looked just incredible. I'm glad her grandmother got to see it.

Oktobre Taylor said...

Kristy has such beautiful and happy energy. I expect the majority of people who come in contact with her are drawn to her. I totally get where she is coming from and agree completely.