Friday, June 16, 2023

audio excerpt from THE UNSEEN — read by the author

I've recorded a 20-minute audio excerpt from my new novel, THE UNSEEN. 

This is a test run for the upcoming audiobook. I read the end of chapter six, and all of chapter seven. I snipped out a few sentences because these might spoil things for the eventual reader. 

Please note—I do get a little "whispery" in how I deliver the text. This is something I need to watch out for, and it will not be part of the upcoming audiobook.

Jus so y'know—I'll be doing a few more audio chapter samples to help promote this book.

And, most importantly—I sing in this audio excerpt! 

  For a direct audio download, click HERE  



Anonymous said...

I was hypnotized. I want to disappear in this story and float like a dreaming spirit. Truly mesmerizing ❤

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I listened to a podcast called 'Crackpot' recently where the hosts were going through 'The Messengers' and trying to work out if you were a crackpot or not -
Sounds like they are still scratching their heads when it comes to the owls/UFO theory and are sitting on the fence like I am :-)

J. Patrick Campbell said...

Mike, just heard you on the strange planet podcast. Great to hear you again and I look forward to listening to the audio book.

Artemesia said...

Hi Mike! I was excited to see the book is complete!

Bill Ryan and I have been sharing/promoting your Messengers work here. We are rooting for you! It feels like the Earth is ripening, for what it is still completely unclear. But your newest book reaching ‘ripening’ stage is certainly an exciting part of that! All ways so honored to be on this Earthwalk with your comraderie in the ufo and superwoo. Anyhow, here is a link to our latest fan club share on your work:

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