Monday, June 27, 2022

Alaska glacier expedition

Huge terrain in the Wrangells

Close-up view of the photo above. Our teammates on roped up glacier travel.

I spoke about a 30-day course in Alaska with Shawn Stratton on his HOT DRINKS podcast. Some readers here might not know this, but I spent over 20-years in outdoor education, and got to travel in some of the most beautiful wilderness in North America. It was great to share some powerful memories from a hard trip in the big mountains. Epic is an understatement!

  90 minute audio linked HERE  
Also available on apple podcast, linked HERE

The images below are of me and one of my co-instructors, Phil Schneider. I'm in the red parka. In whiteout conditions it's very easy to get disoriented, and it happens to birds too. A little goldfinch landed on my boot, seen in the close-up. He saw us and we must have been the only things visible to him in a frozen ocean of white.

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A tiny visitor

A little goldfinch needed a place to land, and chose my boot!

Co-instructor Aaron Divine on the Nabezna Glacier

More about The Wrangell mountains on the NPS site HERE, and on Wikipedia HERE

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