Sunday, April 24, 2022


floating sparkles seen in the bedroom

Some things can be so fleeting, so much so that I'm not sure what to think. 

This strange event probably took place around 2016 or ’17 while I was living in upstate New York. I was talking with Andrea in our bedroom. This would've been the middle of a summer day, but the room was on the north west corner of the house, and surrounded by trees, so it was a bit dark. While talking, I noticed a sort of cluster of sparkles in one spot in the room, near a small shelf in the corner. It was only there for a brief moment, and it had the rough outline of a human. It would have been shorter than me, maybe about five foot tall. 

I wasn’t sure what happened, and I asked Andrea, “Did you see that?” 

She said, “Yes, the sparkles.” 

I asked where she saw it, and she pointed to the exact spot I’d seen it and said, “Right there.”

Then we continued our conversation like nothing had happened. I have tried to explain this to people, and I’ve said it looked like a cheap special effect on a kids show from the 70s. This morning I realized I was describing The Land of the Lost, a live action series that played on Saturday morning in my youth. The rather corny character was called The Zarn. 

I created the representation at the top of this post using an image of The Zarn found online. I revised it to match my memory, and it feels pretty close to what I saw. 

I spoke with hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith, and told her this story. I asked if this was common. She said, "Yes, I get a lot of people telling me about seeing sparkles."

The Zarn, from Land of the Lost

Here is an excerpt from the TV show. The effect in the clip is not quite what I recall seeing. That image is too thin, and too well defined. What I remember was something more amorphous, without defined arms and legs. But I saw it, and so did Andrea. She read this post, and confirmed it was accurate. This helped me, because the memory is so strange that I'm cautious to fully trust it.

Holly Marshal in her cave home with The Zarn


Anonymous said...

I've witnessed these, only the "sparkles" did not pull themselves into a human form. I often wonder as to what they are, although never felt fear, just bewildering, beautifully mind boggeling bewildering. Another frame of happening to put on a shelf to figure out another time. My shelf is quite full these days. Thank you for your blog, it gives me a chance to dust (and reposition) my "self-shelf" more.

Corvinus said...

I recall seeing a UFO documentary some years ago that featured a man who as a boy saw a large UFO over his house and later in life became an engineer working in advanced propulsion. During his experience a nearby tree or bush began to sparkle as well. Interesting parallel. I also wonder if this might be related in an uh way to the technology described in the book 'Chameleo' ...