Monday, September 13, 2021

an owl flies over me FOUR times

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There's a nice park across the street from where I'm living, and I walk there almost every evening. Tonight on my way back home I saw this scene (the image above) and I thought, “That has a cool look to it.” I stopped and pulled out my phone and as I took a photo, a set of huge white wings flapped right over me. 

A big owl flew from right to left, inches above my head. It landed in a tree in the dark off the edge of the road. I moved closer and got a very faint view of a barred owl. I thought this was a nice sighting, and didn’t think much of it. Then I walked to the middle of the street and took a few more pics, and as I did it flew over me again, this time from left to right. It landed in a tree on the other side of the road, and I approached in the hopes of seeing something. It was too dark, but I sensed it was right there. I walked back, and when I got to the spot where I'd taken the pictures, it flew over me again! It landed on the same branch where I’d seen it in the darkness.

I thought, “If I pass this way one more time, crossing over the spot where I’d taken the photos, it’ll happen a forth time.”

So I turned around and walked back, and it did it again, floating silently just inches above my head. 

This big owl flew over me FOUR TIMES!

I had the sense I could walk back and fourth all night and this thing would fly above my head each time. I didn’t, I walked home. But, I gotta say—wow!



Corvinus said...

Maybe it's pertinent to ask YOU this time...What's going on in your life? Are you in a place of transition? ;)

Anonymous said...

Just happened on my trail run, same kind of owl and 4 swoops. The 5th one was directly from behind following the trail all majestic at eye level, although I turned around right away cause I was keeping an eye on it. It swooped away at the last second as I had my phone out as a shield in front of me. It eventually left me alone after some distance

Anonymous said...

A fork in the road…